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From the Desk of Ian Wyatt

Bitcoin Stock IPO Turns $5k into $10,113
Before January 26th

Fellow Investor,

It’s a historic bull market for crypto currencies…with bitcoin now trading at $10,307.

Frankly, it doesn’t matter.

Because right now, I’m going to quickly reveal the easiest way to grab the next overnight bitcoin profits – BEFORE Friday, January 26th.

One global bitcoin exchange is preparing to GO PUBLIC on a Canadian stock exchange in February.

The company offers one of the simplest ways for people around the world to BUY bitcoin.

The exchange is estimating over $105 million in bitcoin transactions in 2018…

With customers from around the world lining up to BUY BITCOINS.

This company makes money on every bitcoin transaction… charging 5% - 7% in transaction fees.

That means they’ll make money, whether bitcoin drops to $10,000… Or if it surges to $40,000 and beyond.

Now, you don’t need to be a techie or an engineer to profit from this.

Basically, you just need to know that:

  1. Bitcoin was up 1,318% in 2017
  2. The latest price is a staggering $10,307
  3. Tech companies are “cashing in” on this crypto currency revolution

And that’s where you come in.

You see, this small tech company is expanding its bitcoin offerings and could grow 4X overnight starting in February…

And a possible expansion into the U.S. market in 2018 could multiply the business several times.

Today, you have a chance to become a founding investor.

Here’s how you could grab 100% - 200% in overnight profits.

Plus, my share price target suggests a shot at 400% upside in 2018!

The company just announced a “private placement” at the bargain price of just $0.50 per share (that’s NOT a typo)!

When the Bitcoin exchange starts trading in February, I’d expect the price to be at least $1.00 - $1.50.

That could hand founding investors quick gains.

It’s looking like there will be tremendous interest, since other bitcoin stocks are surging in price.

In late December, a company called Long Island Ice Tea decided to get into the blockchain sector. And the stock jumped 170% in less than one month.

Meanwhile, the previously bankrupt Eastman Kodak

Decided to launch a crypto currency for photographers on Jan. 9th. The announcement was made just before noon eastern time.

Within minutes, the stock jumped from $3 to close the day just shy of $7.00.

That quick 119% gain was huge… And it continued in “after hours” trading, with shares topping $11.50!

Meanwhile, a Canadian company is making strategic investments in several promising blockchain startups.

Plus, it’s investing directly in bitcoins, other cryptos, and initial coin offerings.

The company has seen its stock take off… going from $0.40 in September to $1.52 today.

Then there are the bitcoin mining stocks.

One of them is called HIVE Blockchain.

It’s started by one of Canada’s gold mining billionaires. He sees more upside in Bitcoin and Ethereum than gold and silver.

Thus far, his bet is paying off for early investors.

The stock is up 282% since a private placement closed in October.

Then there’s RIOT Blockchain.

The company decided in September to reposition itself as a bitcoin miner…

Sending the shares surging from a couple bucks to nearly $40 in a couple months.

Today, shares are trading around $24… delivering a massive 505% return in just 5 months.

Finally, there’s LongFin.

This financial technology firm – also known as “fintech” – went public on the NASDAQ at just over $5.

Within a couple days of the IPO, the company made an announcement:

LongFin Acquires Blockchain Empowered…

That news sent the stock surging from $5 to an intra-day high of $126!

Those are just a few of the huge winners in recent weeks.

What will be the next bit blockchain stock to surge?

Frankly, I’m betting it’ll be this global bitcoin exchange.

Today, you can BUY shares of this stock at $0.50… even though the stock is likely to begin trading around $1.00 - $1.50 when it goes public.

That means your investment could return 100 - 200% within the next 45 days.

So, what exactly does that mean?

Well, a $5,000 investment today could instantly be valued at $10,000 - $15,000.

That’s why I’m personally planning to BUY more shares at $0.50 shares…

Go here ASAP to access my research.

Frankly, this is the EASIEST money I’ve earned all year…

And these quick gains could be multiplied in the next six months.

This is one of those SUPER-URGENT situations that requires your immediate attention.

That’s because this $0.50 bitcoin stock will be CLOSED on Friday, January 26th at 4pm.

That means you MUST contact the company BEFORE that deadline to request your $0.50 shares.

My complete bitcoin IPO research package gives you everything you need to get started.

You can join me on this potential 400% profit play with just 5 simple steps:

  1. Download my research right here
  2. Call or email the company (click for details)
  3. Request an allocation in the private placement –$5,000 minimum (Canadian)
  4. Complete a simple Subscription Agreement – it took me 5 minutes
  5. Send money for your shares

Seriously, this could be the BEST way to profit from the bitcoin boom.

Click here to access my research right now.

Of course, you can also give me a call at 802-448-4881 to discuss the details.

My office is OPEN until 5pm Eastern Time.

Stop sitting on the sidelines.

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Join me today. You too could grab 100% - 200% in bitcoin profits in February.

Yours in Profits,


Ian Wyatt

January 23rd, 2018

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