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New "PotChain"
Tech Stock is the Best Way to Earn 766% Profits in 2018

"Could turn $10,000 into $156,665 in 2018!"

Fellow Investor,

Some people say that I have a special talent for uncovering small stocks with BIG upside.

Last October, I helped readers buy into a PRIVATE pot stock at $1.65 a share. The first week of April, the stock will IPO at $3.65 – a 121% profit in only five months.

Then, on December 7th, I identified a PRIVATE bitcoin stock that turned $5,000 into $15,142 in early January – a 203% profit in just one month!

But today, I have uncovered an opportunity so staggering, it has more than five times the profit potential of those two stocks… combined!

Incredibly, it’s a company with specialized technology that is absolutely essential for the booming legal marijuana industry…

Plus, it could become REQUIRED by governments in the U.S. and Canada.

In this report, I’ll give you all of the details about the company and why it is poised to skyrocket THIS YEAR. But first, a warning:

But first, here’s why this company’s share price is set to explode along with legal marijuana sales.

The #1 Risk to Legal Marijuana

Legal pot is already big business. And it’s expected to go from $9 billion last year to more than $47 billion in 2021.

With California’s legalization, 21% of Americans live in a state where marijuana is completely legal. And soon, ALL Canadians will have access to recreational pot.

But the rollout of legal recreational sales – without a prescription – raises new issues for states and provinces.

In Canada, we’re seeing this unfold in front of our eyes RIGHT NOW.

The Liberal government, led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has been pushing for 100% legalization on July 1, 2018.

But this is now being delayed, as conservative members of Parliament seek to address three concerns:

#1: Keeping legal pot off the black market

#2: Collecting taxes

#3: Protecting kids

Concerns in Canada run so high that full legalization has been delayed, from July 1st to at least August 15th.

But it’s not just in Canada…

In Colorado, State Senator Kent Lambert has similar concerns:

“When people just go around the system and don't follow the law, then the state doesn't get the revenue, and there is no guarantee that this stuff isn't tainted.”

Senator Lambert has co-sponsored a bill that would require development and use of tracking technology that would secure the marijuana supply chain “from seed to sale.”

Problem is, current tracking technology is easy to circumvent by legal pot dispensaries and end users alike.

In January, a Vice report showed widespread non-compliance with the current seed-to-sale system and with continued use of the black market to avoid taxes.

The key to a healthy, booming, LEGAL marijuana industry is all about securing the supply chain…and tracking cannabis from “seed to sale.”

The Solution:
New Blockchain Technology

A brand-new technology known as “blockchain” can quickly SOLVE all 3 major security concerns.

It could be REQUIRED in Canada before August 15.

And it could be the SOLUTION for Colorado’s proposed legislation.

So, what is “blockchain”?

This is the technology that is BEHIND cryptocurrencies… including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

But in this report, I’m NOT talking about trading cryptos – or anything like that.

Instead, let’s look at how this revolutionary technology can secure the cannabis market in the same way it is transforming other major industries…

Starbucks is using blockchain for “bean to cup” tracking . (Sound familiar?) 

Walmart wants blockchain to “make shipping smarter.”

DeBeers Group is implementing a blockchain initiative to span the diamond supply chain.

This same blockchain technology could SOLVE security concerns for cannabis.

Last year, the British Columbia government asked IBM to help, in advance of recreational legalization in 2018.

In November, IBM released its recommendation to the government:

The Canadian Parliament could REQUIRE that the cannabis industry – including farmers, producers, and retailers – adopt blockchain technology BEFORE approving recreational use.

That news could send shares of one little-known blockchain stock surging.

Introducing a “PotChain”
Technology Stock Specifically for the
Marijuana Industry

The company I’m about to describe is a technology company that is in the business of creating a blockchain for the marijuana industry.

It tracks every movement of goods through the cannabis supply chain. And this ensures that regulatory requirements and taxes are all accounted for.

One industry consultant said,

“The platform is exactly what the government and industry needs at this critical stage. The trust and transparency it provides will ensure the newly legalized market is operated professionally and in compliance with regulations.”

Yet this tiny stock is COMPLETELY overlooked – and, at $.30 per share, grossly UNDERVALUED.

Here’s what the market is missing:

The company is tiny - currently valued at less than $20 million.

It's small like a private company - yet the shares are publicly traded.

Yet its market opportunity is staggering.

This year the company is laser-focused on the $3 BILLION Canadian market…

With the potential of expanding into the U.S. market in 2019 – currently an additional $10.9 BILLION opportunity.

The company’s revenue model is well established. It simply charges a small transaction fee at each stage of the supply chain from seed to sale.

Given that governments in Canada and the U.S. are both likely to require the tax and regulatory solutions it provides, the company is poised to surge in lockstep with the legal cannabis industry.

Targeting 766% Gains in 2018

Conservatively, I estimate the company is worth 5x sales.

Factoring in my 2019 sales estimate in the chart above results in a market value of $135.5 million and a $2.60 target share price for 2018 – a 766% gain in less than a year!

That means a $10,000 investment could turn into $86,667 in just a few months.

Targeting 2,066% Gains Through 2019

Now let’s look at my 2020 sales estimate… applying that same conservative 5x price-to-sales results in a market value of $336 million and a $6.50 target share price for 2019 – a 2,066% gain!

That means a $10,000 investment today could turn into $206,600 in less than two years.

But there’s more…

Here’s How a $10,000 Investment Could
Play Out in 2018

Getting shares in ground-floor private placements can pay out huge profits...

And those FREE Bonus Shares can multiply your gains! In fact…

Are You Ready for FAST, EARLY Profits from the New “PotChain” Technology?



As a publisher, Wyatt Research has no relationship with the company offering this deal. 

We receive ZERO compensation in the form of fees or commissions or anything else from the company (or anyone associated with it) for publishing this research.

We do not see a single penny in connection to whether you choose to invest or not, since our business is based solely on serving our members.

I want you to know all this because, as a publisher, I’m sharing this opportunity purely on its merits.

And after exhaustive research, my opinion is… the potential profits are breathtaking.

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Ian Wyatt
May 3rd, 2018

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