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Dear Reader,

Ian Wyatt here.

I’m writing to bring you into the fold on an urgent opportunity. 

After a brief “market correction,” the market is moving higher.

Right now, we’re entering the FINAL PHASE of the bull market.

Some people call it a “MELT UP.”

Others call it a “SPECULATIVE BUBBLE.”

Either way, here’s what you must understand.

The profits we make in the next 6 – 12 months could be HUGE – even bigger than the gains from 2017.

My #1 indicator shows that this rally has BROAD SUPPORT... and will likely continue for at least another year.

My readers are cashing in on blue chip "global dominators," cash-rich technology stocks, and simple income trades.

They've also had a chance to BUY "Pre-IPO" shares in Snap (NYSE: SNAP) and Cloudera (NYSE: CLDR) - before these stocks went public.

Plus, they've had a chance to grab shares of 100% legal marijuana stocks - including a couple of brand new IPOs. And that leads me to today’s BIG NEWS.

In the last year, I’ve given my readers a shot at some huge profits from “legal weed.

These gains include 138%... 209%... 243%... and even 318%.

The NEXT STAGE of the marijuana bull market starts soon…

That’s why I’m pleased to announce a new real-money portfolio that is 100% focused on investing in marijuana stocks.

Right now, we’re getting ready to GO LIVE on April 1.

Become a Pot Stock Millionaire:
April 2018

Legal cannabis is the #1 profit opportunity that I’ve EVER seen since the Dot Com boom of the 1990s.

Forbes predicts this market will grow from $7.1 billion to $22 billion by the year 2020…

NYC bank Cohen & Co says that it’s a $50 billion market within 8 years…

And boutique research firm Arkrell Capital predicts a $100 billion market by the year 2030…

With 50 million Americans using cannabis.

How big is $100 BILLION?

Well, the entire alcohol business – including beer, wine and booze – that’s a $200 BILLION industry.

Right now, you’ve got a chance to get in on the GROUND FLOOR of this new market that growing 1,308% in the next 12 years.

It’s like turning back the clock to the year 1933…

And investing in companies like Guinness… Anheuser-Busch… and Seagram.

Within a couple years, you could’ve turned a tiny investment into a sizable fortune.

Well, that’s exactly what’s happening with LEGAL MARIJUANA.

That’s why I’m personally planning to take $100,000 of my savings…

To INVEST in the BEST “pot stock” profit plays.

My plan is simple:

To become a “Pot Stock Millionaire” within 3 years…

Turning my $100k investment into a $1,000,000 fortune.

Now, you don’t need six-figures to get started.

In fact, you could get started with as little as just $500.

Now, when we open the doors to this new trade alert service...

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Remember – this opportunity is exclusively for you, and you alone.

As a Wyatt Research client, I know you're serious about building - and protecting - your wealth.

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One that requires access to a variety of information and opportunities.

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That's all 10 of our current research services...

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That includes my Pot Stock Millionaire.

That makes right now the perfect time to come to you with this limited-time opportunity.

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So there are two clocks ticking down on this urgent opportunity.

As you'll discover in the details below, this unique membership could save you tens of thousands of dollars in very short order.

For starters...

Everything we publish, or will ever publish.

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Correction: NOT just the rest of your life.

Because your Wyatt Select membership can be passed on to family members...

A living legacy of wealth for generation upon generation.

If you think this is something you'd be interested in...

I'd like to go into the details of everything Wyatt Select can do for you as an investor.

Wyatt Select gives you the chance to receive unlimited, complete and total access to our stock research and alerts ...

No subscription fees. No recurring charges. No renewal costs ever.

Just a simple, one-time membership fee... and you have complete access.

Each delivered directly to your email...and available through our members-only web site.

Collectively, this line up of services has already produced stellar gains:

  • 243% on this credit card company
  • 517% on this auto maker
  • 164% on this convenience store chain
  • 314% on this sub-continental oil explorer
  • 202% on this mobile communications innovator
  • 75% on this little known semiconductor company
  • 130% - overnight - on this tiny biotech outfit
  • 510% on this video provider
  • 190% on this silver producer
  • 55% on this top bank
  • 56% on this unique equipment company
  • 102% on this real estate portal
  • 82% on this mining outfit
  • 85% on this tech giant

I'll put these results up against anyone in the market...

Take a look at all you get when you become a member of Wyatt Select now...

Earnings Season Trader

That's why Andy Crowder and I have partnered up and spent the last four months developing a BRAND-NEW income trading strategy.

Now we recently went LIVE! And we'd like you to join us before the next trades are released.

Andy recently uncovered what could be the very BEST way to trade for big profits.

But don’t worry: this doesn’t include anything RISKY like “buying options” or trading Forex.

Instead, he’s uncovered the best way to trade stocks during EARNINGS SEASON.

Let me explain.

Every 3 months, publicly traded companies report the financial results.

Everyone knows that stocks can make big moves during earnings season.

It’s not uncommon to see shares OPEN 5% - 20% higher after beating expectations…

Or dropping by double-digits if they disappoint.

Traders refer to this as “volatility.”

In fact, Andy found that stock price volatility increases 2x – 4x when earnings are released.

For your regular “buy and hold” investor, these quick movements can be exciting (or scary).

Yet for active traders, this increased volatility is a goldmine.

That’s because these large moves – over a short period of time – allow astute traders to cash in.

During a 6-week period, a total of 500 companies in the S&P 500 will share their performance.

That’s an AVERAGE of 18 earnings reports per day

Creating a flood of potential trade situations.

Now, trading stocks around earnings season is nothing new.

Lots of investors try to PREDICT earnings results and the ensuing price action.

In fact, just about every single Wall Street analyst is measured NOT by how much money they can make for the clients who use their research…

But rather based upon their accuracy at predicting corporate earnings!

Wall Street analysts – and most investors – want to BUY their favorite stocks ahead of earnings results.

Yet Andy Crowder uncovered a simple, low-risk strategy for trading during earnings season.

You won’t have to buy a SINGLE share of stock…

You’ll be able to multiply your gains…

And you can make big profits – EVEN if the stock price doesn’t make a big move!

After 4-months of research, Andy realized that with a few adjustments…

He could use his options income strategies to effectively trade stocks during earnings season…

Targeting 15% - 40% profits per trade… With a holding period of just 4 – 7 trading sessions!

Based upon Andy’s research, we decided to bring this new strategy to our most loyal clients.... INCLUDING YOU.

That's why we've created a brand-new earnings trading alert service that focuses on Andy’s newest trading strategies.

It’s called Earnings Season Trader.

And just to be completely clear, you don't need to be a trader to get Andy’s research... or to access his top trades.

This strategy works for ANY and EVERY investor...

Whether you plan on investing $100 or $100,000.

In fact, I've never seen a BETTER WAY to trade for big profits during earnings season.

The best part is that it recently went LIVE!

You’ll get COMPLETE access with your Wyatt Select membership.

Earnings Season Trader
Retail Price: $3,950
Wyatt Select Members: Free for Life


The Millionaire's Retirement Club

In June, my esteemed colleague Steve Mauzy revealed a completely overlooked investment that's only being used by about 3% of American households.

Most Americans have never heard about these investments...

Even though they are EASY to BUY... don't require leverage or options... and can deliver outstanding returns.

Now, I'm not talking about REITs, MLPs, BDSs, or some options strategy.

So, what is this?

Well, it's something that Steve and I call 893(C) Accounts.

And these investments give you a HUGE advantage that's being used by millionaires - and billionaires - including Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and Carl Icahn.

In short, these 893(C) Accounts allow you to:

  1. ALWAYS buy shares at a discount to the TRUE VALUE
  2. Earn 2 - 10x MORE income than you'd collect from blue chip stocks

How does this work? Let me explain.

You see - with ALMOST EVERY INVESTMENT, the current price always reflects the "MARKET."

But what if I told you there was an investment that almost NEVER traded for its true value?

Sometimes, it trades at a 10 - 30% DISCOUNT to the market price (this is when we BUY).

And other times, it trades at a 10 - 30% PREMIUM to the TRUE market price (this is WHEN we SELL).

You see, there is one simple metric tells us WHEN to BUY or SELL.

There is no guesswork. No balance sheet analysis. No digging into an income statement or creating a discounted cash flow model. 

NOPE! Just one simple metric.

At the most basic level, it's as simple READING THE TICKER TAPE.

Now, that may sound great to you. But, it gets even better.

When you BUY these 893(C) Accounts at a LOW PRICE, you may have to wait a little bit for the share price to move up.

Maybe a few days.  Or Weeks. Or months.

And so that's why Steve REQUIRES income.

He's looking for at least 2x more income than you'd expect from OTHER investments - such as the S&P 500 or the 10 Year U.S. Treasury.

Income + Capital Gains.
It's the holy grail of investing.
And it's extremely simple.

If you can BUY and SELL stocks, then you can invest in 893(C) Accounts.

They don't require a special account.  You won't pay high fees.

You won't complete a special application. And you don't need to be an accredited investor.

Based upon six months of Steve's research, we decided to bring this new strategy to our most loyal clients.... INCLUDING YOU.

That's why we've created a brand-new investment research and alert service called The Millionaire’s Retirement Club to focus on these unique cash machines.

And just to be completely clear, you don't need to be a millionaire to get Steve's research... or to access his top ideas.

This strategy works for ANY and EVERY investor...

Whether you plan on investing $100 or $100,000.

In fact, I've never seen a BETTER WAY to ALWAYS buy investments at a DISCOUNT to the market.

The regular annual membership to Steve’s Millionaire’s Retirement Club costs $2,950.

With an outstanding initial track record, this service is worth every penny.

This NEW service is still in the early innings – building an amazing portfolio of great income opportunities that trade at a DEEP DISCOUNT.

Your membership to Millionaire’s Retirement Club is included – COMPLETELY FREE – with your membership to Wyatt Select.

Millionaire’s Retirement Club
Retail Price: $2,950
Wyatt Select Members: Free for Life


ETF Sector Alerts

In December, we’ve partnered up with one of the brightest traders in the world.

His name is Moby Waller...

Moby is a seasoned trader who started his career on the CBOE in equity options...

Where he quickly multiplied a $100,000 investment into $1.2 million!

Following those early days on the CBOE, Moby traded for an extremely successful hedge fund in London.

Most recently, he's leveraged those personal trading successes...

And been teaching an exclusive group of traders the secrets of ETF options trading.

Working with Moby, we've developed an amazing and unique strategy for trading the best sectors of the market...

ETF Sector Alerts went LIVE in December!

Trading with Moby, you'll discover HOW to identify the fastest moving ETFs for quick profits.

In 2016, the top sector ETFs posted gains of 46 - 115%!  

Those gains are HUGE compared with the gain of 10% for the S&P 500.

Why own the entire market, when you can simply own the top sectors that are moving higher?

There is always a Bull Market somewhere...and Moby will show you how to own the RIGHT ETFs at the RIGHT time.

Plus, you'll discover simple options strategies for multiplying your trading profits...

With consistent...high probability options trades.

In December, 2016, we opened the doors to ALL of our members...

With a regular membership price of $2,750 per year.

Given Moby's impressive track record, ETF Sector Alerts is worth every penny of the annual membership.

To thank you for your business and support...

You can claim 100% access - completely free for the rest of your life.

As a loyal Wyatt Investment Research subscriber, I want to give you an exclusive opportunity to get in on the ground floor.

ETF Sector Alerts
Retail Price: $2,750
Wyatt Select Members: Free for Life


Dividend Confidential

In May, 2016, I launched Dividend Confidential with income expert Steve Mauzy.

He's already closed out 15 urgent alerts - with an average yield of 13.3%!

The next special dividend is just days away!

And the only way to access this research is with Dividend Confidential.

Now you probably already know Steve. He’s a contributing editor to our High Yield Wealth, our most widely read investment research service.

For more nearly 10 years, Steve has been offering up amazing income investment ideas to our subscribers.

After analyzing 4,218 dividend situations, he recently uncovered something extremely unusual.

It’s a timely strategy for collecting the biggest dividend payments.

In fact, using Steve’s unique income strategy, investors could have earned one-day payouts of 5% - 60%!

In the world of dividend investing, those types of returns are amazing.

Right now, things are setup to make 2018 a huge year for these payouts.

That’s because American companies have $2.6 trillion in cash sitting in overseas bank accounts.

Donald Trump's tax policies could pave the way for bringing this cash back into the U.S.

Our research shows that they could be getting ready to make windfall payments to their shareholders.

Handing out 1-day payments of 5% - 60%...and possibly even more!

With Dividend Confidential, we’ll make sure you’re alerted to these huge payouts…

And show you exactly how to collect the cash…and potentially make a healthy profit from the stock.

How much could you make? It all depends on how much you invest.

A $10,000 investment into one of these situations could pay out $1,000…or even $6,000…in just one day.

Steve’s Charter Members already had an opportunity to collect huge dividends of 10%, 28% and even 33%!

This brand new trade alert service went live one year ago. And we “sold out” all the charter memberships within just 3 days.

Right now, Dividend Confidential is closed to the public. 

When we OPEN the doors next month, the membership price will rise by at least $500.

Yet when you join Wyatt Select today, your name will be on the membership list…giving you 100% access starting now.

Dividend Confidential
Retail Price: $1,995
Wyatt Select Members: Free for Life


Million Dollar Portfolio

My personal portfolio of stocks.

Ever wonder what it takes to become a millionaire in the market? Well, you don't have to wonder anymore - now you can do it yourself...

By following along as I invest my own money in the market.

I launched this real-money portfolio with $100,000 of my personal savings.

My goal: to grow this into a $1 million portfolio.

I've been steadily growing my investment portfolio...

And the current value stands at $467,978.

I'm investing my own money - and giving a small handful of readers complete access to every move I make.

You won't have to do a thing. I'll reveal every buy, every sell, every deposit, every profit I take...

I've already shown members gains of...

  • 463% on MasterCard (MC)...
  • 724% on Tesla (TSLA)...
  • 1,505% on Netflix (NFLX)...

And some hot gains from America's best blue chip stocks...

Including 85% on Starbucks, 128% on FedEx, 159% on Apple, and 248% on Google...

And as a member of Wyatt Select, you're automatically granted unlimited access to every stock I buy for my personal account... so you can get in before I buy them.

Million Dollar Portfolio
Retail Price: $1,995
Wyatt Select Members: Free for Life


Options Advantage

In the right hands, options trading can be one of the safest, most effective ways to consistently make money in the market.

Just ask Andy Crowder, editor of Options Advantage.

Andy's an expert options trader, and one of the shrewdest minds in the market.

He only makes a trade recommendation when the numbers tell him he's got a winner.

No matter which direction the stock market moves... up, down, or flat... Andy can show you how to make money.

Take the advantage away from the market and put it back in your hands.

Because Andy's unique approach to the market gives you close to a 90% chance of making money.

Not only that, but because of the way options work, you get to dictate how much money you want to make.

Take a look at some of Andy's winning trades:

  • 14% on 34 days
  • 17% on 41 days
  • 16% on DIA... in 21 days
  • 10% on AAPL... in 42 days
  • 11% on QQQ... in 14 days
  • 13% on IWM... in 11 days

And remember - Andy will never send you a trade recommendation if it doesn't have at least a 75-90% chance of making money.

Andy's readers enjoy access to four distinct options strategies - each focusing on one unique and profitable strategy...

Each designed to put money directly into your account instantly.

And he's prepared a special follow-up report for new members of Wyatt Select - that contains two free instant income trades...

As a member of Wyatt Select, you can have Andy's exceptional trading strategies... and a life-time of income trades... working for you...

Options Advantage
Retail Price: $3,950
Wyatt Select Members: Free for Life


High Yield Trader

This is one of the most powerful money-making secrets in the markets.

With High Yield Trader (also edited by master options trader Andy Crowder), you get access to one of his most impressive sets of tools for beating any market.

And with it, you can:

Generate instant cash payments of $2,460... $2,390... $1,390... $1,700... and $3,060 - nearly guaranteed

Slash your downside while fattening the upside by building a "safety cushion" for every stock you own

Turn any ordinary stock into a "quick-cash generator" - whether shares are rising, falling, or just plain flat, you can safely make money

Get other investors to give you money - guaranteed cash you never have to pay back

Make ten times more money than regular dividend investors - from the same dividend paying stocks

It's part of what Andy calls his "Dividend Multiplier."

The Multiplier is a simple way to take any dividend in the market - and use it to make as much as ten times more money.

For instance:

Turn a measly 0.8% yield... into a return of more than 47%.

Take a 2.8% dividend... and turn it into total return of more than 33%.

Start with a 1.5% dividend... and crank it up to a 16% return.

And a 2.83% yield... becomes a total return of more than 20%.

As a member of Wyatt Select, you can enjoy a lifetime of Andy's money-making trades...

High Yield Trader
Retail Price: $1,995
Wyatt Select Members: Free for Life


High Yield Wealth

Subscribers to High Yield Wealth are earning monthly income that's reliable, steady and simple to collect (perhaps you're one of them).

It all started with my monthly Dividend Calendar that reveals how to earn $16,700 in dividends every year.

Then we found easy ways to collect big checks of up to $310 and $514 every 30 days... just the income our readers need to pay their mortgages and bills.

Today, we're eyeing up even greater yields including:

  • A unique financial firm that's swimming in cash and has a whopping 9.9% yield.
  • An oil, gas, and refining operation raking in tremendous profits and rewarding shareholders with 10.7% dividends.
  • One little-known real estate partnership that pays a generous 10.8% dividend.

There's no easier way to grow your account than with the cash generated from the investments in High Yield Wealth.

And as a member of Wyatt Select, you'll have access to a never-ending funnel of the best income investments in the market...

High Yield Wealth
Retail Price: $199
Wyatt Select Members: Free for Life


Personal Wealth Advisor

Our flagship publication, Personal Wealth Advisor is much more than a newsletter. We like to think of it as Your Personal Road Map to Market Riches.

To guide you along this road to riches, the entire team of Wyatt analysts and researchers is pitching in - to bring you the best market ideas they can find.

Your Personal Wealth Advisor team includes Andy Crowder... Jay Taylor... Steve Mauzy... and me, Ian Wyatt.

I founded Wyatt Investment Research in 2001. With an audience of more than 350,000 individual investors from around the world, I'm proud to say we've become well known as a valuable source of unbiased investment opinions.

I've brought all these top talents together to form the core of Wyatt Investment Research - your Personal Wealth Advisor.

Personal Wealth Advisor
Retail Price: $199
Wyatt Select Members: Free for Life


Dollar Wealth Club

This summer, I launched the Dollar Wealth Club with a very simple idea:

Every month, I’ll send you my #1 investment idea for less than $1 per day.

That’s right. Every month, I’ll select my #1 investment idea or quick income trade.

This will be select from ALL 9 of the Wyatt Research services.

It could be a blue-chip stock… an emerging technology stock… a PRE-IPO situation… or a red-hot biotech.

With just 1 new idea every month, you’ll know exactly WHAT I think presents the biggest profit opportunity.

Dollar Wealth Club
Retail Price: $199
Wyatt Select Members: Free for Life


...There you have it.

Ten unique, highly profitable research services.

Not only will you have access to every single one of our services... but you'll have unlimited and complete access to our entire library of valuable, money making research reports...

Including these 10 free research reports:

As a member of Wyatt Select, you get:

Earnings Season Trader – Retail Price: $3,950
Options Advantage – Retail Price: $3,950
Millionaire's Retirement Club – Retail Price: $2,950
ETF Sector Alerts – Retail Price: $2,750
Dividend Confidential – Retail Price: $1,995
Million Dollar Portfolio – Retail Price: $1,995
High Yield Trader – Retail Price: $1,995
High Yield Wealth – Retail Price: $199
Personal Wealth Advisor – Retail Price: $199
Dollar Wealth Club – Retail Price: $199

Total costs for all ten of these services - $21,182.

But you'll never pay anything near that - ever.

In fact, once you become a member of Wyatt Select, you'll never pay anything ever again.

Because of the unique nature of this opportunity, I'm offering you a very special pricing arrangement.

There is one small caveat, however...

This opportunity is available for five days only.

This offer ends at Midnight on Friday, February 23rd

After that - the doors will be shut for good.

That's right.

This is your FINAL CHANCE to claim this amazing deal on Wyatt Select.

The next time I open the doors, the Lifetime Membership price will increase at least $1,000... and perhaps much, much more.

Wyatt Select is not for everyone.

It is designed for readers who understand that the size of your brokerage account depends on the quality of information you receive.

Readers who search for the best and fastest ways to achieve exceptional gains...

And are willing to seek out the best minds in the business to deliver that information ...

Readers who, quite frankly, expect a much higher level of service.

This is a lifetime of membership...

So the best way to gauge the true value is to look at it over time...

If you were to subscribe to each of our publications individually... for just two years, it would cost you $42,364...

For three years - $63,546...

And for three years - you'd be paying a whopping $84,728...

And that would be just for the services we currently offer.

As a Wyatt Select member, you're entitled to a full membership to every new stock research advisory and alert service we launch.

Full rights and privileges of membership in Wyatt Select can begin right away...

For a small one-time payment.

You'll lock in an 81% discount off what it would cost you for just one year of all of our services.

Look at it this way.

Just one stock pick from our editors... could pay for your entire lifetime of service...

$2,000 invested into:

  • MasterCard (MA) - could've become $4,792
  • Allot Communications (ALLT) - could've turned into $4,880
  • Endocyte (ECYT) - could've become $5,960 (overnight!)
  • Netflix (NFLX) - could've turned into $19,380

Any of these stock picks could've easily paid for a lifetime of wealth building services.

And unlike many premium services, you will never pay any sort of annual maintenance fee, ever.

Once you accept the membership fee, you'll never pay another penny again.

The cost is minimal really - when you compare it to the gains you could be making.

I must hear from you before
Midnight on Friday, February 23rd
Click Here Now

Plus, just 20 readers will be allowed into this unique opportunity.

So do not hesitate.

If you're serious about making money in this market...

There will never be a better time to join.

It's simple to get started.

Click here now and you'll be taken directly to our secure membership sign-up page. It's completely safe, and the fastest way to get started.

Or, if you prefer the personal touch, we've set up a special member hotline. All you have to do is pick up the phone now, and speak to one of our Wyatt Select customer service specialists.

Just call TOLL FREE 888-875-1960, and speak to one of our Wyatt Select V.I.P. Member Specialists. They'll be able to take down all your information and get you started quick and easy.

It'll only take a minute.

Just 60 seconds, and a lifetime of wealth-building insights and recommendations could be yours.

One minute - and you're on the road to greater riches... and real wealth...

By becoming a member of Wyatt Select now.

I sincerely look forward to welcoming you as the newest member of Wyatt Select.

Click here to become a member of Wyatt Select now.

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Yours for greater wealth, faster,

Ian Wyatt

Wyatt Investment Research

February, 2018

P.S. As a member of the Wyatt Select, you get all of our stock research and alert services – Earnings Season Trader, Millionaire's Retirement ClubETF Options AlertsDividend Confidential, Million Dollar Portfolio, Options Advantage, High Yield Trader, High Yield Wealth, Personal Wealth Advisor, and Dollar Wealth Club...

Plus every new service we ever publish... complete access to our valuable archive of private investor reports... a lifetime of wealth-building market strategies... all for a tiny fraction of what regular readers would be paying.

P.P.S. And remember - this is more than a lifetime membership... because Wyatt Select can be passed down from generation to generation - a true legacy of wealth.

But time is of the essence.

Doors close at Midnight on Friday, February 23rd.

Don't miss out.

Reserve Your Membership
*Legal Notices: Investing in securities carries certain risks for loss just as much as it presents opportunities for profits. Our investment newsletter editors have researched the investment(s) mentioned in this marketing promotion and special report(s). The opinions included herein are those of the author, and are made using publicly available information. We are not a registered investment advisor, money manager or a broker dealer. Every investor is advised to conduct his or her own research, due diligence, and consult with a financial advisor before making an investment decision. Potential future returns or income claims made in this promotion are based on a combination of calculations, historical data, and the evaluations of our editors. Individual results may vary. The claims, projections, and estimates CANNOT be guaranteed and should not be considered as such.