HUGE Profit Alert!

This $2 Marijuana Stock Could Break Big Pharma's Painkiller Monopoly

Led by the CEO who launched OxyContin to $35 billion in sales. It’ll corner the painkiller market with its non-addictive “pot pill.”

Billions will be made. Here’s how you could collect $156,407 from this market disruptor... 

Fellow Investor,

I want to introduce you to a man who has the Midas touch.

Odds are, you’ll never meet him. But just knowing about him could mean good fortune for you.

His name is John Stewart. And he invented OxyContin. The king of pain relief drugs.  And this drug has generated as much as $2.5 billion a year in sales.

OxyContin has been such a cash cow, it turned Purdue Pharma into a Fortune 500 firm.

And it turned the company's owners - the Sackler family - into the 19th richest family in America.

It was ground-breaking.

But now John just did something even more shocking.

And what he did could mean once-in-a-lifetime profits for you.  

He put in his resignation to OxyContin and the company that paid him a 7-figure salary.

His reason?

To start a new company that sells a legal marijuana drug that brings heavenly relief to chronic pain sufferers.

It’s more soothing.



And non-addictive!

And right now, John’s new venture has big pharma executives running scared.

Their $300 billion a year pill mill is about to be shattered forever.

Not only could John’s pain-relief pot make big pharma’s painkillers obsolete...

It could save millions of pain victims.

This new company’s sales just might surpass the $35 billion generated by OxyContin...

Creating a wave of millionaires BEFORE July 1st!

I want to show you how to become one of them.

It’s easier now than ever since over half of all U.S. states have legalized medical marijuana.

And the remaining 23 states will soon legalize medical marijuana since they want a slice of the $3 billion in annual revenue that could be generated from taxing pot. 

What’s more, by July 2018 Canada will have FULLY LEGALIZED marijuana for recreational use.

This opens up the whole North American market to this new drug.

The money you could make could be life-changing.

You see, John's brand-new company is a government approved marijuana company...

That just went public in an Initial Public Offering (also known as an IPO).

Right now, you have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get in on the GROUND FLOOR...

With a chance to BUY shares for less than $2.00.

The profit potential could be similar to what happened with the biotech stock Amgen after it went public.

1,563 Times
Your Money!

Had you gotten in on Amgen then, you could have multiplied your money a staggering 1,563 times over!

Put another way, every $100 you would have invested in Amgen stock would have ballooned to $156,407.

On just a $1,000 grubstake, you would have made $1.5 million.

Today you have a real shot at this kind of money.

Even better.

That’s because Amgen didn’t have a man like John H. Steward running it.

Nor did it offer a product with such considerable demand.

Or one that far outperforms everything else on the market.

This new company’s product is based on medical marijuana, which is the biggest pain relief breakthrough since Aspirin. 

At least 300 peer-reviewed studies are being conducted on this groundbreaking therapy.

That includes clinical research from Colombia, the University of California, and the University of Michigan.

And they’re all reaching the same conclusions...

Marijuana relieves pain better than opiates – without the deadly side effects or addiction.

And word is getting out to the public.

Business Insider reports:

"Evidence shows that marijuana
works for pain"

The Internet medical authority, WebMD says:

"Marijuana Relieves Chronic Pain,
Research Shows"

And the Washington Post states:

"Using marijuana to treat chronic pain might
help cut down on opioid abuse"

The key to marijuana’s success with helping pain sufferers is that it reverses inflammation – the underlying cause of most pain.

That’s because marijuana contains healing compounds called cannabinoids.

At least 60 of them have been discovered in the marijuana plant.

The most effective of these cannabinoids is one called “CBD.”

CBD has applications for almost every disease, without toxic side effects or the “high.” These include...

  • Cancer
  • Heart Disease
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Diabetes
  • Lung Disease
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBS)
  • Neuropathy
  • Multiple Sclerosis

The reason why pot helps people with chronic pain and these medical conditions is because these cannabinoids are more easily absorbed by the body.

In fact, marijuana seems to be uniquely designed to work in tandem with the human body in a way that other compounds can’t.

Marijuana treats the body in a way other drugs and treatments can’t...

And another HUGE benefit is that it’s non-addictive.

That’s so important because addiction to painkillers is a nationwide epidemic that claims lives.

Several years ago, painkillers which are usually based upon “opiate compounds” took 14,000 lives annually.

Last year, deaths doubled to 28,000, and shows no signs of stopping.

All told, 2 million Americans struggle every year with the nightmare of pain pill addiction.

Some of those Americans include:

Radio host, Rush Limbaugh ...

  • Carrie Fisher who played princess Lea in Star Wars ...
  • And Senator John McCain’s wife, Cindy.

Luckily, marijuana has emerged as the ultimate alternative for pain sufferers everywhere.

Many say it cuts their need for painkillers.

And this might surprise you ...

The CDC found that seniors are the fastest-growing demographic of marijuana users.

Use of pot has surged among the elderly by over 455% in the last decade.

And here’s the thing...

Seniors are Replacing
Pain Pills with Pot!

Seniors consume a third of all prescription drugs, including deadly opiates.

And in every state medical marijuana becomes legal, the same story repeats:

Medicare has seen hundreds of millions in savings from fewer painkiller prescriptions.

According to a CBS News report on seniors, “pot is fast becoming a pill alternative.”

In fact, a study published in JAMA – the world’s most prestigious medical journal –found that every time a state legalizes marijuana, something remarkable happens....

The number of pain prescriptions drop substantially.

And so do deaths from painkiller overdoses.

This chart, from the journal Health Affairs, shows what happens when marijuana is legalized -- almost 2,000 fewer pain pills are prescribed per doctor.

Due to recent pot legalization, rehab centers in multiple states are now using marijuana to help people break free from painkiller addictions.  

TV’s health guru, Dr. Oz recently spotlighted one of these “reefer rehabs” on air.

That episode showed how addicts were experiencing quick and remarkable recoveries thanks to medical marijuana.  

One of those addicts had spent 10 years in a clinic unable to escape his addiction. But marijuana was the only thing that saved him from his painkiller dependency.

Now he’s completely recovered.

It’s for this reason that Dr. Oz on his TV show suggested medical marijuana is better for pain relief instead of opiates.

And he’s not the only one who feels that way.

According to Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent...

“With regard to pain alone, marijuana could greatly reduce the demand for narcotics and simultaneously decrease the number of accidental painkiller overdoses, which are the greatest cause of preventable death in this country.”

As more states legalize marijuana, it’ll REPLACE drugs like OxyContin and fentanyl.

Pain sufferers know this.

So do doctors.

And Big Pharma knows it too.

That’s why they’ve spent nearly $150 million since 2008 to lobby against legalization.

But whether they like it or not, pot legalization will be a reality in all 50 states as well as Canada.

It’s just a matter of time.

Cash in on a Market
That's Going to Triple in Size!

Medical marijuana could soon go from its current legal sales of $7.1 billion...

To nearly three times that much in just three years, according to Arcview Research!

In other words, we’re on the cusp of a +190% growth opportunity like never seen before.

And the man who launched OxyContin is now on the frontlines of this exploding market.

You can come along for the ride...and have a chance to reap big profits.

Look, John Stewart knows a big opportunity when he sees one.

Remember, he’s built a $35 billion wonder drug from nothing.

He’s helped oversee 11 successful clinical trials.

He knows the science of pain – what works and what doesn’t.

And he knows the in-and-outs of the FDA drug approval process.

That’s why he’s putting $1 million of his own cash on the line to grow this company.

This company is one of the few firms that has a medical marijuana license from the Canadian government.

In a 23,500-square foot farm, they’re growing premium A+ pharmaceutical-grade marijuana.

Here’s some photos taken at their facility:

And to meet the explosive demand for medical marijuana, this company is preparing for a major expansion.

One that will turn every square foot of their property into a pot-growing machine! 

Within just 60 days, they’re projected to quadruple their total growth capacity. 

And by 2018, they're expected to grow production by 10-fold. 

Once expansion is complete, they can grow a marijuana crop of 21,000 kg per year – worth $180 million! 

That’s incredible. 

Especially considering that right now, only the five biggest marijuana companies have capacity to grow a 10,000 kg crop.

And none of them are creating the same kind of pure, high-dosage strains as John’s company. 

Nor are they at the bleeding-edge of innovations in cannabinoid medicine.

Yet this company is valued at just pennies on the dollar!

This Stock is Set to Blast Off

With its expansion rollout underway, this stock could quadruple in price, and still be undervalued.

It could soar 10-fold, and still be undervalued.

What’s remarkable is that the marijuana market is at $7.1 billion... and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Analysts at Ackrell Capital are estimating the market to hit $100 billion within the next decade.

But for you, the sky is the limit.

That’s because the worldwide painkiller market is worth $635 billion.

Imagine if this pain relief pot pill were to take over just a third of that market!

This $2 stock’s share price could blast into orbit!

Could this company be another Amgen, turning every $100 into $156,407?

It’s certainly possible.

After all, Amgen never created a drug like OxyContin or had a marijuana based drug.  

However there’s another advantage to this company.

It’s in the booming marijuana stock sector.

And the gains seen from pot stocks have been mind-blowing!

Legal Marijuana is
Making Investors Rich

For example, if you had gotten in on pot stocks last year you could have scored ...

  • 1,969% on Weed Inc. in three months
  • 2,066% on American Cannabis Company in three months
  • 5,800% on Agritek Holdings in three months
  • And a whopping 50,000% on Helix THS in under one year!

Now out of these gain examples, I want to direct your attention to the money you could have made in three months from Weed Inc.  

If you had invested in Weed Inc. - which handed investors a 1,969% gain - you could have made out like a bandit.

A gain like that on a $2,500 grubstake would have given you $51,725.

That’s nothing short of amazing.

However I must warn you.

Do not go on a marijuana stock buying spree just yet.

They’re not all created equal.

Some companies have better fundamentals than others.

And some companies are just doomed from the start.

That's why selecting the RIGHT marijuana stock is so important.

That's why I'm betting on the brand new IPO that's run by a man who launched OxyContin and built a no-name pharmaceutical company into a Fortune 500 brand.

But John Stewart isn’t the only talent running the company.

This company ALSO has a dream team of business experts running it.

Many of which are multi-millionaires.

The best news is that they're putting their personal savings on the line... investing their TIME and MONEY in this booming growth sector.

Insiders Invest $11 Million in Canada's #1 Medical Marijuana Stock

These insiders are so certain they’re sitting on a future Fortune 500 company, they’ve invested $11 million of their own money!

They have real skin in the game.

Already their expertise is paying off in spades.

This company recently went public. And its IPO was considered the biggest recent success in the marijuana market.

After this happened, this company won government approval to extract oil from cannabis (marijuana).

That’s a huge milestone for this company.

And it’s significant because cannabis oil will become the dominant form of medical marijuana.

Prior to that government approval, management invested $1 million in an oil extraction platform.

That includes a supercritical CO2 extractor, purpose-built rooms, and analytical equipment.

From its potential for cutting-edge biotech therapy... to its rapid expansion... to its unrivaled management...

The bottom line is this:

This company is on the cusp of becoming the Pfizer, GSK, or Merck of medical marijuana.

Right now, you have a shot to buy in for less than $2 per share.

But its share price could shoot up any day now.

A fair valuation would put its share price at over 10-times what it is now.

That’s why this stock is set to blast off any day now.

If you get in now, it could mean a $156,407 payout for you.

But that’ll never happen for you unless you get in now before the Wall Street herd does!

To help you ride this stock to mega profits, I’ve put the full details on it into a series of reports called, The Marijuana Millionaire’s Club.

The first report in this series you’ll receive is titled: 

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That’s why I call this “Blue Chip Pot.”

It's a company that sells " picks and shovels" to the legal marijuana industry. Let me explain...

In 1848 California, a man named Sam Brannan became the state’s first millionaire. He did it by selling mining supplies to gold miners. Then he later parlayed his profits into buying up real estate.

And that’s the idea behind this blue-chip stock.

It’s selling gear to marijuana growers.

And it’s a well-known Fortune 500 brand.

This company’s CEO is catering to the pot market because he believes it could mean $1 billion in new revenue.  

So far, they’ve recorded a sales spike of 300 percent from last year. And they’re on pace to generate over $250 million in revenue.

To date, no other large cap has made the same kind of market catering move as this company so this puts them well ahead of any future competitors.

What they’re selling are products that help grow marijuana plants, bigger, faster, and in a more controlled manner. And at a cheaper price.

This strategy paid off too.

Over the past year, their stock has given investors a 35% gain. And with legalization looming in Canada and more U.S. states, you could see a nice profit burst on shares of this stock.

But you’ll get more than just capital gains from this stock.

It also pays you a $2 dividend for each share of it you own.

You’ll get the full details on this blue chip pot stock with this report, Big Profits from America’s Best Blue Chip Pot Stock.

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This report is titled:

Report #3:

Medical Marijuana Jackpot

This company developed the world’s first prescription marijuana medication approved for treatment in 30 countries.

In its pipeline are eight more clinical-stage medical marijuana products that have been granted Orphan Drug Designation status by the FDA.

This company also secured patent rights to marijuana based medicines for treatment of Alzheimer’s, breast cancer, colon cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, prostate cancer, and schizophrenia.

Plus this company is just months away from having the first FDA approved medical marijuana treatment for epilepsy treatment.

It’s for this reason this stock over the past 12 months is up 27 %.

Imagine how much higher that gain will soar as news breaks out about Canada and other States legalizing marijuana!

You could be sitting on a heaping pile of profits!

I’m not the only one rating this company a strong buy – Goldman Sachs likes it so much they said it’s “set to fly high.”

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P.S. 13 U.S. states could legalize marijuana this year. Once the media begins running news stories about it – money will flood into these stocks -- and share prices will spike!

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