“The Game-Changing Innovation in the Fight Against Disease and Deadly Outbreaks”
– Huffington Post

It didn’t even exist five years ago…but this breathtaking medical technology is part of an all new market set to pop!

…and is the single best way to profit from the end of disease!

Dear Reader,

Imagine being able to easily detect – at the earliest possible stage – threats like cancer…

Or renal disease…

Or a heart attack…

Without ever having to step inside a doctor’s office.

Sounds crazy, right?

Yet a brand new medical technology promises to do just this.

What’s more, this breakthrough in disease detection is part of an all-new growth sector set to pop 2,512% in just the next few years.*

Now, as exciting as this sounds, when I first heard the idea, I was pretty skeptical.

…But when I saw just how close we already are and why, well, I wanted to know more –a lot more.

You see, every year, cancer treatment costs an estimated $290 billion.

Yet this breakthrough would not only spare patients and providers an enormous amount of money and suffering…

…it would also launch a complete and epic reversal in how we currently treat illness.

As the famed molecular biologist spearheading this project notes,

“For the last two thousand years, healthcare has been this transactional, reactive system. We’re diagnosing cancer at the wrong time. It’s analogous to only changing the oil on your car when it breaks down.”

Now, it might be hard to believe that something so momentous could be so close. Yet I can assure you, my research has discovered that this miracle could become a part of our everyday lives very soon.

In fact, in large part it already is . To understand why, you have to go back about three years…

Because on July 30, 2012 the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave its approval for an epic game-changer in medical technology.

And it is now battling – successfully – one of the deadliest health disasters of our time.

Let me explain:

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), over half of all the world’s medications are not taken as prescribed due to patient forgetfulness and discomfort with side effects.

This calamity costs providers up to $300 billion in avoidable hospital visits each year.

Plus it causes as many as 125,000 annual deaths.

But all of this is changing, right now, thanks to an amazing medical breakthrough.

So what is it, exactly?

Well, it’s not anything doctors inject into you.

...even better, it isn’t planted through any surgical procedure.

Instead, it’s swallowed—in a pill. A “smart pill”, that is.

Embedded with a tiny sensor made from silicon and natural ingredients, this smart pill uses the patient’s own stomach fluid as a source of electro-magnetic energy…broadcasting data to a patch on the patient’s body.

The data tells when (or even if) the patient’s medication was ingested, reads the patient’s heart rate, body temperature and more. This data is then sent to their doctor’s smartphone app for immediate review.

So how is this smart pill working for patients?

Well, in a recent study involving 412 test patients, the smart pills were able to detect medicine ingestion 99.1% of the time.

What’s more, the sensors correctly identified the dose and type of drug for 100% of all 20,993 ingestions during this trial…with no false positives or side effects!

Sounds incredible…but not only does this technology already exist…it has even been approved by the FDA!

It’s also part of a rapidly growing new medical industry: mobile diagnostics.

A Huffington Post headline calls mobile diagnostics “The Game-Changing Innovation in the Fight Against Disease and Deadly Outbreaks.”

And not surprisingly, this industry is experiencing explosive growth.

According to leading market research firm Grand View Research, it’s expected to grow from $1.95 billion in 2012… to $49 billion by 2020.*

That’s 2,512% within the next few years!

Martin Cooper, creator of the world’s first mobile phone says, “This emerging focus on the phone as a device for transferring personalized health information to and from an individual sets society up for revolutionary improvements in healthcare.”

The first smart pill is an astounding example of just such an improvement.

…But it’s the next one on the horizon that could really put the “R” in revolutionary.

Speaking of which, let me tell you more about the already-massive progress being made on it…and why I’m so optimistic.

The secret laboratory perfecting this newest “smart pill” breakthrough is becoming the stuff of legend.

Here, more than 100 scientists – oncologists, cardiologists, biochemists, optical physicists, cell biologists – from Stanford, MIT and Genentech work round the clock to develop stunning breakthroughs in medical technology.

Steering its smart pill project is the same biologist who developed the test to screen blood donations for HIV and other viruses… saving countless lives and slashing the time and money once needed.

So exactly how would this next smart pill fulfill the promise of detecting cancer before it even starts?

It begins with something very, very tiny:

And when I say tiny, I mean less than 1/1000th the width of a red blood cell.

…nanoparticles coated with antibodies and proteins.

Coursing through the blood stream, their job is to detect and attach themselves to cancer cells or arterial plaque – long
before they become a major problem.

At the end of each day, the nanoparticles congregate in your wrist…where they report their discoveries to a “smart” wristband that uploads this data to your doctors’ smartphone app.

Like I said earlier, it sounds too amazing to be true.

…But not when you realize how far along it already is:

Late last year the company announced not only had it made significant progress on creating these iron-oxide nanoparticles…but on discovering the coatings that make them bind to cells!

For example, in one case they put a coating on the nanoparticle that detects sodium. Though very common, sodium is also a key indicator of renal disease.

When coming in contact with a sodium molecule, the nanoparticle changed color. By seeing what color its glowing, they can determine the amount of sodium in the bloodstream.

As MIT consultant Robert Langer remarked, “A lot companies are doing one step in a project like this. They’re doing four steps.”

But here’s where it gets even better:

You see, there are many companies that are working to fight cancer…

And they have a history of rewarding early investors.

The FDA approval process is extremely lengthy…but it doesn’t require an approval to send these stocks soaring.

Just look at some of the big profits from the last two years:

Agios Pharmaceuticals (AGIO) : After announcing positive results for its Phase 1 tumor-fighting drug AG-221, the stock soared 306% in seven months.

Now, I certainly hope AG-221 makes it all the way through Phase 3 and receives full FDA approval as soon as possible.

…But just imagine what life would be like if you never had to worry about tumors to begin with – because your doctor could nip them in the bud long before they appeared.

Inovio Pharmaceuticals (INO) : In Phase II of testing a therapeutic vaccine for treating cervical cancer, its stock soared over 400% in just seven months as more positive news from its clinical trials kept spreading.

TG Therapeutics (TGTX) : It’s in the midst of developing a drug to treat Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, a rare condition attacking bone marrow.

After announcing positive results from its Phase I study and striking a global licensing deal with Ligand Pharmaceuticals (LGND) last summer, it soared 270% in just six months.

CytRx (CYTR) : Developing a treatment to blast chemo-resistant tumors, the stock shot up 277% in less than two months after positive results from Phase II clinical trials were announced:

And then there’s Puma Biotechnology (PBYI):

Last July, its breast-cancer fighting drug neratinib moved from to Phase 2 to Phase 3 of FDA testing.

That’s because test results show survival rates of 33% in women with early-stage breast cancer who used neratinib, compared to a placebo.

When investors heard the news, the stock popped 295% overnight and kept on climbing!

As you can see, there’s no need to wait until the FDA’s full stamp of approval. The truth is that you could start profiting every step of the way, right now.

I’ll show you how in just a moment.

But first, there’s something else you should know: You see, this cancer-detecting smart pill is far from the only medical wonder the company I’ve been telling you about is developing.

Fact is, there’s another urgent breakthrough it’s making even more massive progress on…

Diabetes, now afflicting 347 million people around the world, is getting out of control.

Like cancer, almost all of us know someone who is a victim of the disease.

And while there’s still no cure for diabetes…life is about to get much, much easier for its victims.

Let me explain:

As part of their daily regimen, people with diabetes must constantly keep their blood sugar levels under control.

If they don’t, they put themselves at risk for blindness, heart failure, kidney failure and even limb amputation.

But as you know, keeping blood sugar levels under control isn’t a walk in the park. It requires patients to prick their fingers and test their blood all throughout the day.

After a while, this daily regimen becomes so tiring and disruptive that many patients check their blood sugar levels a lot less often than they should.

But, just like cancer screenings, what if this painful ritual became obsolete?

That day is even closer than you think.

It won’t come from a smart pill…but something even simpler.

A smart lens.

It looks and feels just like a contact lens…but there’s a big difference.

You see, this particular lens has a tiny wireless chip embedded within its two layers…that uses the patient’s own tear fluid to monitor blood glucose levels. Also within the lens is an equally tiny antenna –thinner than a human hair – that sends this data to a smartphone app.

Early last year the company unveiled a prototype of this lens and has since completed multiple clinical research studies to refine it.

And not only is it in discussions with the FDA…it has already struck a licensing deal with a major company to market it.

That company is Novartis (NYSE: NVS) – which soared after making a major investment in the first FDA-approved smart pill:

Keep in mind, most investors are still in the dark about mobile diagnostics and these spectacular developments.

But I don’t believe they will be for much longer.

And once they see the writing on the wall, the stock I’ve been telling you about is bound to soar dramatically.

…Making this a must-have for every serious growth investor.

But it gets even better :

Because the company behind the smart pill and smart lens isn’t a risky biotech…

Nor is it an established pharmaceutical company that spends its time worrying about the next quarterly earnings report…

This opportunity is an entirely different beast.

The truth is, the two medical breakthroughs I’ve told you about are only a small sample of what they’re busy creating.

You see, this company is already one of the most innovative and disruptive businesses in the world…

And its founders are boldly passionate about creating the kind of epic earth-shakers that people will remember them by for generations to come…which is why this has to be the surest profit opportunity available.

I’ve put all the details together for you in a special new report:
Smart Pill Profits: How to Invest in the Next Medical Breakthrough.

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