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The two billionaires are developing the next generation of power plants. They’ll revolutionize the power grid – providing cheap, efficient and 100% reliable electricity to millions of Americans.

Buffett and Gates are investing $2 billion in this new technology. And the U.S. Department of Energy is also investing $2 billion in the project.

Berkshire Hathaway Energy is committed to this new technology. Soon I expect major announcements from Duke Power, Exelon and Southern Co.

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Next Gen Nukes:
Inside the $6 Trillion Energy Transformation

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The world’s demand for electricity is outstripping the supply. That’s causing prices to soar – thanks to new technologies such as electric vehicles. Plus, over 100 countries agreed to STOP using dirty energy fuels by 2030.

That’s why there’s a mad rush to embrace next generation power plants. It’s possible that over 6,357 of these plants could be built in the coming years – creating a new $6.3 trillion market.

This report reveals exactly WHAT is happening right now. And how to get positioned for explosive growth in the years ahead.

TerraPower's Secret U-235 Supplier
$497 VALUE - Yours FREE

TerraPower was founded by Bill Gates. It’s building the first next generation nuclear power plant in Wyoming. And the company plans to build similar plants across the U.S. and around the world.

These new nuclear power plants are 30x more effective than conventional plants. However, they require a critical energy fuel that is currently ONLY made in Russia.

One American refiner just received government-approval. It essentially creates a near monopoly here in the U.S. And TerraPower just inked a major partnership deal with this stock.

This report reveals the NAME and TICKER of TerraPower’s exclusive energy fuel partner.

America's $5 Uranium Stock Set to Soar 374%
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One American company is sitting on over 80 million pounds of uranium – worth over $4 billion.

Plus, that could be the tip of the iceberg. Because with +100,000 acres of land mining rights – another major discovery could be in the works.

The projects are 100% government approved and fully built. Production can literally begin with the flip of a switch.

Shares could soar 374% in the next year. And longer-term gains could be considerably higher.

Claim this report for the NAME, TICKER and price target for this stock. 

Canada's #1 Hidden Discovery Worth +$12 Billion
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Canada is one of the world’s biggest producers of U-235 uranium – and Cameco is the biggest player.

One tiny Canadian stock has staked over 700,000 acres – right next door to Cameco’s world class mines. And estimates suggest that it’s sitting on over 250 million pounds of this energy fuel…

Worth $12.7 billion!

Wall Street’s top firms are already investing +$250 million in this deal. And today you can grab the stock for just $1.00 per share!

Top Next Gen Nuke Stock IPO for 313% Profits
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Bill Gates and Warren Buffett will NOT let you buy shares of TerraPower.

Yet you CAN scoop up shares of their #1 competitor. Industry insiders already invested $1.3 billion in the stock – BEFORE its IPO. Plus, the U.S. government plans to invest $1.7 billion!

The company has signed agreements to build 20+ power plants around the world – at a price tag of over $1 billion each.

The stock recently IPO’d. And today – you can grab your stake for less than $15 per share! Get this report for details – including NAME and TICKER.

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