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Shadow Fund Income Calculator [$187 Value]

My team has created a simple, but incredibly useful calculating tool that makes it easy for you to find out exactly how much monthly or quarterly income each one of my Shadow Fund recommendations will make you.

For example – you simply plugin how many shares you’d like to buy (or how much money you’d like to invest) and the calculator automatically tells you how much income you will receive each month (and each year).

Special Member’s Only Webinars [$497 Value]

Receive instant access to all my archived Member’s Only webinars.

This is where I break down my Income Glitch strategy and provide updates on current alerts and trades.

12 Monthly Issues of Income Confidential [$997 Value]

These monthly special reports include my outlook for current and future Income Glitch opportunities as well as other special dividend opportunities presenting in the market.

It also includes expert analyses, Q&A from readers, and updates to my watchlists.

Platinum Concierge Service [$1,997 Value]

DIRECT ACCESS to me through email with a maximum 24-hour response time. 

And that includes live support from 9AM to 5PM EST with my customer support team.

My publisher is based in Vermont and you have complete access to our team there.

This is actually a priceless service seeing as how other research companies out there don’t even give their phone number to subscribers. 

And most  professional analysts don’t let you email them personally (which I think is CRAZY).

SPECIAL BONUS #1 – Shadow Fund Beginner’s Guide [$194 Value]

In this bonus report I’m going to break down – in detail – exactly what Shadow Funds are, how they work, and their history.

I’ll also go over the similarities and differences between them and Mutual Funds / ETFs.

You’ll also learn who else loves to invest in Shadow Funds and why NOW is the perfect time for Shadow Funds to shine in today’s current market climate.

SPECIAL BONUS #2 – The Income Glitch Blueprint [$207 Value]

In this report, I break down the details of how the Income Glitch works by laying out a step-by-step blueprint and strategy for finding and identifying Income Glitch opportunities.

Now, I went over some of this strategy in the webinar, but the fact is – with such little time – I couldn’t go over EVERYTHING.

That’s why I put it all down in this simple, easy-to-understand blueprint.

SPECIAL BONUS #3 – DIY Income Glitch Field Guide [$156 Value]

I’m going to help get you started on your Income Glitch journey and you can follow along with all my recommendations.

However, if you want to also go out and “fish for yourself” then this DIY Income Glitch Field Guide is going to be your favorite pocket companion.

I’ll break down several “hot spots” you can go in order to find your own Income Glitch deals…

How to search and screen for great Shadow Funds…

How to recognize an Income Glitch opportunity on your own….

… I also provide a checklist for drilling-down a list of AAA-Grade opportunities along with plenty of tips and tricks of what to watch out for so you don’t make any mistakes.

If you want to go out hunting for amazingly profitable Income Glitch opportunities yourself THIS is going to be your best friend.

SPECIAL BONUS #4 – The Secret to Ultra-Fast Compounding Starting with Just $100 [$237 Value]

You don’t need tens of thousands of dollars to start investing with.

That’s the great thing about these Income Glitch opportunities.

In fact, you can start investing in SEVERAL opportunities at a time – while bringing income in – with just $100.

It’s all about compounding.

For many people, it’s hard to see how $100 could turn into $10,000…. Or even $100,000 over time.

Sometimes it seems like that could take FOREVER.

But by exploiting these Income Glitch opportunities in Shadow Funds you can actually SUPER CHARGE how fast your money compounds…

By taking advantage of HIGHER starting yields and ENORMOUS capital gains appreciation.

Your Huge 82.4% Discount
Only For The First 50 People

Now, I’ve got to level with you…

The total value of the membership benefits is $8,469.

Yet with this offer, the first 50 people who act NOW can claim COMPLETE access for just $1,497.

That’s an unbelievably deep discount of 82.4% from the total value of this special offer.

Plus, Your Membership is Covered By Our Double Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee – INCLUDED

  • Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed
  • Try us out – if you’re not 100% happy – contact us and you’ll receive a Wyatt Credit for the unused portion of your membership
  • Apply this credit toward any of our 10+ research and trade alert services

It’s VERY likely that every spot will be 100% “SOLD OUT” within 24 hours.

Please respond ASAP if you’re ready to get in on 10 of the most explosive Income Glitch opportunities the market has to offer.

Because you’ll get access to these special opportunities in just the next few minutes and will have the full knowledge of how to exploit them for potentially MILLIONS in gains – I can’t allow cash refunds on this offer.

It wouldn’t be fair to my existing clients.

If you try Income Confidential and you’re not 100% satisfied – no problem. You can apply the balance of your subscription as a credit toward any other Wyatt Investment Research product at any time – no questions asked.

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