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Hi. My name is Stephen Mauzy.

For the last 30 years I’ve been helping regular investors multiply their income with SAFE and STEADY income strategies that work – even when the stock market crashes.

You may have seen me on CNBC or read my research in Barron’s Magazine. And professional asset managers have enjoyed my top ideas as a member of the CFA Institute.

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The Passive Income Blueprint: 
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The Passive Income Blueprint
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This special report reveals urgent details on exactly HOW to build wealth with passive income. And it’s the perfect next step – after watching the webinar.

Inside you’ll discover details on the 4-phases of passive income. Plus, I’ll share additional details on how to use the passive income flywheel to multiply your wealth.

You’ll want to read this report ASAP. It’ll set the stage for building out your 7 streams of passive income during the coming months.

The Secret to 88% Passive Income with
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Shadow Funds are one of the most overlooked income trades. You can BUY these in a regular brokerage account – with NO MINIMUM investment. Plus, there are no special requirements or applications required.

My research just spotted Shadow Funds yielding 21%... 29%... 34%... 35% and even 67%!

Frankly, I’ve never found a regular stock, ETF or mutual fund that can come close to these types of high yields.

These funds are huge cash cows – typically paying out income every month. Plus, they offer sizable upside from capital gains.

During the last market crash – these Shadow Funds delivered huge gains. In fact, I was able to earn quick profits of 48%... 57%... and even 88% - even when the market was plunging!

Grab this report to discover WHAT Shadow Funds are… And why you may want to replace your stocks, bonds and ETFs with these cash-flowing funds.

Collect Supercharged Payouts for Up To $4,501
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Inside this special report you’ll discover WHY American companies could pay $2.5 trillion to regular investors. Plus, HOW changes to the tax code are pressuring them to issue these huge checks before December 31.

That’s just the start. Because you’ll also understand how to find these payouts… which checks to collect… and how frequently you can expect to be paid.

These IRS-approved payments are becoming very popular. And starting now they let you maximize your income in the coming year.

You could expect to receive $1,170 every 20 days.

Collect 6.9% from Uncle Sam
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The U.S. government is quietly offering something that I call a CPI Savings Account.

This is NOT your typical CD or U.S. government bond. In fact, your local bank or online brokerage account will NOT allow you to invest.

The CPI Savings Account is designed to help you stay ahead of inflation. That’s why it’s yielded as much as 9.6% - the highest level ever seen.

Act now and you can lock-in this ultra-high yield. Plus, your account is 100% guaranteed and backed up by the U.S. federal government. READ THIS REPORT ASAP – it gives you step-by-step instructions.

Top 5 Shadow Funds to BUY NOW
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You’ve already seen how Shadow Funds can deliver HUGE income – plus capital gains.

Inside this just-released report you’ll get my Top 5 Shadow Funds to Buy Now.

They’re currently paying out at least 10% yields – paid out every single month. Plus, my estimates suggest that you could easily see another 20%... 30%... or even 40% in capital gains.

You can buy these Shadow Funds through any regular brokerage account. And my report provides urgent and specific details.

Collect 22.3% Income WITHOUT Buying a Property
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Real estate is one of the best wealth building strategies. However, most folks simply own their home. And that means they’re missing out on passive income from real estate.

Today you can start collecting huge yields from real estate across the country. This FREE report reveals how to collect:

  • 15.4% cash flow from a senior housing development
  • 20.2% cash flow from an apartment complex in Houston
  • 21.5% cash flow from a Miami apartment building
  • 22.3% cash flow from an industrial park in Utah

These off-Wall Street deals…

Typically pay out 3X… 4X… or even 5X more income than your typical Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). Plus, they offer huge upside from capital gains.

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Signed Copy of My New Book
Unlimited Income: Replace Your Salary and Thrive in Retirement

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I’m going to rush you a personalized and signed copy of my NEW book…

Unlimited Income: Secure Your Retirement and Thrive in Retirement

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