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Fellow Investor,


Away from the noise and lights of Times Square and hectic pace of Wall Street is a quiet street lined with tulips.


Yes, tulips in the middle of grimy Gotham.


It’s a place where the oldest and richest families in America… the Rockefellers, Carnegies, Vanderbilts, and Astors… call home.


Here, the door is always held open for you. And rooftop pools and gardens are as common as coffee tables.


Bentleys pull curbside to let their passengers off at the Yale Club, the Prada store, and Sak’s…

The unique companies on this one Manhattan street have “yields routinely above 8%”
– Barron’s


It’s an oasis of wealth.


Forbes magazine calls it “the most expensive street in the world.”


It’s a place so exclusive, if you don’t have the right last name or checking account size, you’re not allowed in.


Except, recently, I found a way in… a way to tap into the investment secrets of the extremely rich living here.


You see, the Old Money families living here have given a small braintrust… a team of 90 Wharton, Harvard, and Columbia grads… billions of their wealth to manage.


Why would the richest people in the world hand over their fortunes – a total of over $60 billion – to a small, no-name firm?




This elite group has developed a way to deliver safe and steady payouts a 12% yield…WITHOUT buying junk bonds, trading options or doing anything risky.  


That’s why I call this place “Dividend Avenue.”


Because it’s home to the LARGEST, and not to mention EASIEST, income available in the market today.


No wonder the “smart money” is rushing to get in on the action…


Look how much cash the most prestigious hedge funds and banks on Wall Street receive from this little-known firm on Dividend Avenue, simply by parking their money with them and collecting dividends:


BlackRock earns over $1.2 million a month in cash payouts –over $15 million a year from this firm…


State Street gets paid $6 million in dividends annually


UBS collects $9,414.78 per day…


Morgan Stanley hauls in $2.5 million…


and Vanguard earns over $4 million.


Now, a low-risk 12% yield in these days of zero percent interest rates and sinking bonds is truly incredible…


(Especially since the average yield of a stock in the S&P 500 is only 1.9%.)


That’s why Wall Street and the country’s richest citizens would prefer to keep this income stream a secret.


But, sadly, there’s nothing they can do about it.


You see, this exclusive firm is OPEN to the public!


All you have to know is how to contact them (I’ve provided instructions ahead)… and you’re in! – and off collecting big monthly checks (a 12% annual yield on your money!)


There’s no minimum investment…


no pre-qualifications…


and no conditions.


In fact, investors like you… some of our loyal readers… are already cashing in on this 12% firm on Dividend Ave:


"[this investment] has done very well for me. I have accumulated $2,310 in dividends."*
- Jeff C.

"I have over $750 in capital gains and just over $1,000 in dividends.  That amounts to $1,800 profit on a $6,500 total investment."*
- Bernie S.

"In 2012, I received $1,366 in dividends and anticipate to receive $1,500 in dividends this year."*
- Victor N.


Now, none of these investors come from money or have immense wealth.


They’re hardworking individual investors managing their own money…


Yet, they’re able to invest alongside hedge fund giant BlackRock and the Rockefellers… and earn big payouts (extra income)… using just a fraction of their savings.


It’s all thanks to an obscure government law, which I’ll explain just ahead…


But first, let me tell you how you can join these investors and collect this income right away:

Your First Check of
up to $550*


When you invest with this firm you don’t have to wait 3 months to receive your dividend check.


You can start collecting this income right away!


This firm distributes big cash dividends and mails out checks EVERY MONTH.


Some investors could earn up to an extra $550 a month.


That’s enough income to pay off the mortgage on a vacation home or cover all your credit card bills.


And the best part is…


This firm has NEVER decreased these payouts!


Not during the financial meltdown of 2008, the Great Recession, or any of the recent market sell-offs.


So you can depend on this firm to deliver its 12% yield… even more so than some blue chips or Dow components.


Which is important, because as the chart below shows, this unique firm… and its expanding cash flows and huge dividends can have a dramatic and lasting impact on your personal wealth:

Triple Your Dividends on Dividend Avenue!




Annual Income on a $15,000 Investment

12% Dividend Avenue






Procter & Gamble









JP Morgan Chase




Now, if you're interested in collecting these dividends, I’d like to explain in a little more detail how this firm operates and why its payouts are so large.


And tell you how you can sign up to start receiving your dividend checks right away.

A Little-known Law Signed on
June 12, 1980 Creates Today’s
Income Opportunity


Back then, America… the world… was reeling from economic turmoil of the 1970s.


The market… the economy… the future… looked bleak.


Inflation was 13.5%. Unemployment reached its highest level in history (since we began tracking it). And banks and businesses were folding every day.


That’s when the government struck a bargain with America’s wealthiest citizens…


You see, no one was investing back then… people were hoarding cash and companies weren’t growing (or hiring).


So, the IRS created a special tax-free deal for billionaires.


If the super wealthy opened up their wallets and invested in U.S. businesses, they could enjoy their profits without paying any taxes.


(A truly amazing deal for the heavily taxed 1%.)


The goal was simple: Jumpstart the economy by getting America’s businesses what they really needed: fast, unobstructed capital to expand and grow.


The upside for the nation’s wealthy was an easy, low-tax return on their money.


But there was major catch…


And this is where investors like you come in…


To take advantage of this opportunity, billionaires would have to pool their money in special type of investment firm… exactly like the one based on Dividend Avenue


These firms would be regulated by the SEC and also be open to the public.


So every investor, no matter their net worth could also profit by buying shares on a public exchange.


That way, individual shareholders get the same deal as billionaires.


The result: these firms pay no corporate taxes as long as they pay out 90% of profits to their shareholders in the form of dividend checks.


But by now, maybe you’re wondering, how exactly does this firm make all this money to be able to pay out such large dividends?


Well, here’s how its business works:


Fat Checks From an Old
Fashioned Straightforward
Cash-Cranking Business


As I mentioned earlier, the goal of this firm is to invest in burgeoning American companies.


The kind of company that already has a foothold… one with real products… and one with existing customer bases, factories, and talented employees… but needs capital to expand and grow.


Except there’s a major difference…


This firm is nothing like venture capital or private equity or anything like that.


This firm on Dividend Avenue gives businesses straight up capital… it purely lends it out.


They don’t sit on the board, or have activism agendas, or attempt hostile leveraged buyouts.


This firm provides capital to the best and fastest-growing American businesses so they can quickly expand (at a tidy profit of course!).


I think you'll agree this is an investment you can get behind!


Because this firm makes money creating jobs here in the U.S... by helping to grow businesses, increase productivity, and contribute to our economy.


And right now it’s providing funding to 126 companies across 9 different industries including: adhesives, chemicals, food distribution, energy, transportation, and machinery – uncomplicated, money-making enterprises.


I realize this unique firm almost sounds like a bank. And that might be true if this were the 1950s.


Back then, banks were institutions that borrowed money at one rate, and then lent at a higher rate – earning profits on the spread between those rates.


(These days, banks aggressively spread out their money to make a quick buck... taking on tremendous risk just to make a few extra bucks.)


That was their only means of revenue. So it put extra emphasis on insuring their loans wouldn’t default.


Which is exactly how this firm on Dividend Ave. operates… in fact, and this is something that should help you rest easy at night… it has to!


This firm can't gamble – and has ZERO RISK to rising interest rates!


That same law that lets ordinary Americans invest in what was previously a billionaires-only firm, also states that this firm's assets must be twice as high as its debt...


That means it must always have enough capital to cover its investments and loans (it can’t take big risks).


And since it can't be over-leveraged, it has to make money the old fashioned way... with sound lending and investments that pay off.


The best part is, all of its loans are floating… meaning this firm has locked in its spread.


It makes the same interest on its loans whether the Fed increases interest rates or lowers them.


When you look at it... this firm on Dividend Avenue is specifically designed to reward you, the individual investor with safe and steady payouts...


And you don’t have to wait to start cashing in…


The next round of dividend checks are scheduled to be paid out in the next 30 days...


But in order to collect – you must be invest by the ex-dividend date:
June 12, 2015.


That's why I'd like to give you our latest research report – Triple Your Income with Dividend Ave.’s Secret 12% Yield.


In it, we provide every detail to start collecting this income right away.


Including a full in-depth analysis of all its revenue streams and exactly how this firm is funding its 12% yield… and why it’s poised to continue to pay huge dividends in the future.


And when you request this report today, you’ll be able to access it – INSTANTLY – so you can read over all details right away.


But I must tell you that it's simply not enough for me to send you this special report and wish you well...


I want to make sure you get ongoing analysis concerning this special 12% firm on Dividend Avenue...


So you always know exactly when your dividend checks are arriving!


That's why when you claim your special report, Triple Your Income with Dividend Ave.’s Secret 12% Yield, right now...


I will also give you a full 12 months of email alerts and access to our exclusive income investment service, High Yield Wealth.


But before I send you your report…


Please allow me a quick introduction.


My name is Ian Wyatt. I publish a unique investment advisory service called High Yield Wealth.


In 2011, I decided I had enough of this "low income" era of near zero interest rates.


Investors looking to grow their nest egg or generate income in retirement were robbed of historically safe investment vehicles.


Treasuries, CDs, and bonds were, and still are, yielding next to nothing.


That's why I launched High Yield Wealth...


To help investors like you secure a reliable and steady stream of income by investing in the world's very best high dividend-paying investments.


Stable investments including...

  • An oil, gas, and refining operation raking in tremendous profits and rewarding shareholders with 9.9% dividends.

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  • A land baron that's swimming in cash and snapping real estate on the cheap and yielding a whopping 7.9%.

My team and I find high yield investments like these by spending countless hours researching stocks, funds, and MLPs...


searching for only the most reliable and safest income opportunities for our loyal High Yield Wealth readers…


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How You Could Start Receiving
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Of course, this kind of guarantee makes it possible to get everything we have to offer and pay nothing...


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Now, let's review everything you'll receive when you start today…


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