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Dear Fellow Investor,

What if you were paid a commission every time someone accessed the Internet?

How much money could you earn if you collected a royalty each time they shopped online... checked their email or Facebook page... streamed music or video... or downloaded apps or books to smart phone or tablet..

Not to mention every time they hunted for answers online using Google, Yahoo, Bing or another search engine?

It might sound too good to be true, but the fact is a select group of savvy investors is doing just that. Because they understand the secret of "Internet Rent Checks."

For instance, retiree John T. pocketed an extra $13,903 this past year thanks to "Internet Rent Checks."* And he's not alone...

In September 2014, certified public accountant Lynn W. collected $1,342... West Point graduate William L. banked $1,660... and Josh M. of San Francisco scooped up $4,316.*

And others are making even more money.

That same month, University of Denver grad Chris A. received a check for $5,885. Over the past 12 months he collected a cool $25,538 in "Internet Rent Checks."*

Meanwhile, Dennis S. of California collected $35,264. Anthony N. took home $41,935. George S. scored $72,375. And Mark W. made a whopping $147,458.*

And none of this money came from capital gains. It's all extra income collected from "Internet Rent Checks."

Of course, not everyone is banking "Internet Rent Checks." Most investors have never even heard of them. And many who have don't have a clue how to collect.

But you'd better believe the major players on Wall Street do. Especially institutional investors and mutual funds, who've used them for years to record massive income payments. These include...

  • Price (T. Rowe) Associates – $14.6 million
  • Deutsche Bank AG – $19.2 million
  • Bank of America Corp. – $23.3 million
  • Black Rock Institutional Trust – $27.2 million
  • Income Fund of America – $27.2 million
  • The Vanguard Group – $93.3 million... all in the past 12 months alone!

I'm Ian Wyatt, the Chief Investment Strategist at Wyatt Investment Research. And since 2001, I've helped more than 450,000 investors build true income portfolios.

I've helped some investors double... triple... quadruple... even quintuple their money with the best opportunities on the planet. As well as bank extra income with dividend yields as high as 14.2%.*

Now, I want to help you do the same.

In a moment, I'll reveal how you, too, can bank extra income by collecting "Internet Rent Checks..."

...and do so without the risk that comes from sinking hard-earned wealth into volatile technology stocks that might – or might not – survive the next big tech breakthrough.

Plus, I'll explain how "Internet Rent Checks" can provide a steady, stable source of extra income – because the companies that pay them are required by law to do so.

But first, let's take a quick look at...

Sometimes it can be easy to think of the Internet as a single giant computer that connects everyone and everything.

But it's really a massive global network of countless computers and servers, all talking to each other and sharing information.

It's no coincidence the Internet is sometimes referred to as "the information superhighway." Because in function it's kind of like the U.S. highway system.

Thanks to the highway system, we can hop in our car (or on a bus) and drive from Boston to New York, Dallas, or virtually anywhere else in the nation.

But in doing so, we may travel on many different roads – and through many different cities – all of which are interconnected.

Every time you send an email, it's like you're digitally driving from Boston to Dallas.

Once you type up your email and click send, it travels from your computer to your Internet service provider's server... across other connected servers throughout the Internet...

...and eventually is downloaded to the recipient's computer.

Of course, some of those roads between Boston and Dallas are toll roads. You can use them, but you'll pay to do so.

And that's basically what "Internet Rent Checks" are – tolls collected by certain companies whenever anyone uses their equipment and servers to access the Internet.

Whenever you – or anyone else, for that matter – use your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer to...

  • Play online poker or other web-based games...
  • Send or receive web-based email...
  • Upload a photo to Pinterest, Instagram, or Flickr...
  • Stream a movie on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime...
  • Update your status on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn...
  • Listen to your favorite artist on Pandora, iTunes, or some other streaming music site...
  • Watch a video clip on YouTube...
  • Video chat with family or friends...
  • Check the news, weather, traffic or sports scores...
  • Shop online at Amazon... eBay... or anywhere else...
  • Search for anything on Google, Yahoo or Bing...
  • Download apps, movies, software, photos or music...
  • Check your bank balance or brokerage account...
  • Or do pretty much anything else online... some point data will be sent through network servers owned by the companies that run the Internet toll roads…and earn a very small fee along the way.

But with billions of people using the Internet every day, those small fees add up. In 2014 alone, over $710 million was paid out in "Internet Rent Checks."

And if you own stock in the right company...

Even though most investors have never heard of "Internet Rent Checks," Wall Street insiders, institutional investors and mutual funds have known this right from the start.

They've literally invested trillions of dollars to make sure they collect them. And as a result, they quietly collect hundreds of millions of dollars in "Internet Rent Checks" each year.

However, you don't have to be a millionaire to get in on the action. Virtually anyone can do it. Because all you need to qualify are three things:

  1. An ordinary brokerage account
  2. A minimum investment of $70.00
  3. The name of the company paying "Internet Rent Checks."

That's it – that's all it takes to qualify and start receiving your own royalty checks!

Chances are, you already meet the first two qualifications to receive "Internet Rent Checks" – a simple brokerage account and at least $70 you can use to invest.

But the third qualification – the name of the company paying them – is where it gets tricky.

While many companies own servers that handle Internet traffic, not all pay "Internet Rent Checks."

And even among those that do, the amount you get paid varies greatly from one company to another.

So the last thing you want to do is rush out and buy the first tech stock you see!

Fortunately, finding the right company isn't hard.

As I'll show you in a moment, I've just completed a brand new report detailing which companies are required by law to pay "Internet Rent Checks" to their investors...

...and most importantly, which of these companies offers the BEST return on your investment.

But first, let's address one of the most common questions I hear about "Internet Rent Checks..."

While the law requires the payment of “Internet Rent Checks,” the actual amount you earn is up to you.

You can earn a few hundred dollars... thousands... even a hundred thousand dollars or more.

And not just once.

Once you qualify, you'll receive your "Internet Royalty" checks at regular intervals each and every year!

And while you can get started with as little as $70, the size of your potential paychecks can be considerable.

For example, in the past 12 months...

  • James A. took home an extra $16,552*...
  • Fred P. pocketed $20,290*...
  • Kathleen E. earned $49,334*...
  • Bill S. banked $52,376*...
  • Kris K. collected $94,320*...
  • Maria K. pulled in a hefty $186,188*...
  • ...and Larry C. laughed all the way to the bank with a whopping $253,078!*

Of course, some of these individuals invested more than others. But their returns are very real.

And what's more, these "Internet Rent Checks" reported above were in addition to any capital gains they received!

I've known about "Internet Rent Checks" for some time. But it's only recently I realized just how overlooked an opportunity this is for most investors.

And frankly, that's a shame. Because these federally mandated paychecks can be a superb source of steady income for your portfolio.

That's why I've put together a brand new Income Investor's Profit Guide explaining how you, too, can start collecting your own "Internet Rent Checks."

It's called "Internet Royalties" Exposed! And inside this must-have guide, I reveal exactly...

  • What "Internet Rent Checks" are – and why these payments are required by law...
  • How they work – and how easily you, too, can qualify to receive them...
  • Which companies pay them – and how much money you can expect to earn from each...
  • The one "Internet Royalty" company I recommend for the best return on your investment...

...and much, much more.

Including why most investors have never heard of this streaming source of steady income...

...even though hundreds of millions of dollars in "Internet Rent Checks" are paid out each and every year!

A $29.99 value, this special investor's guide could easily be worth ten, even fifty that price. Because it's your key to unlocking the profit potential of "Internet Rent Checks."

Just ask Eddie S., who used this technique to bank an extra $13,816 in the past year*...

...Mike J., who received checks for $27,988*...

...or Derek M., who raked in an extra $77,989!*

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And when the time is right, selling them for capital gains.

Of course, as I grew older and studied the market I learned blue chips are just one piece of a very large pie. And I discovered the secret to building a successful income portfolio is NOT to specialize in a single sector or stock type.

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Ian Wyatt
Chief Investment Strategist
High Yield Wealth

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