Dear Reader,

Will interest rates shoot higher six months from now?

What will it mean for the U.S. dollar? For oil, gold or the euro?

Is another major crash just around the corner?

I don’t know the answers to these kinds of questions.

And frankly, I stopped worrying about them a long time ago.

I’m not saying I don’t pay attention…

It’s just that I don’t get my shorts in a twist over all the little things that keep many investors worrying at night.


Because 10 of the world's best stocks ensure I never worry.

They’re owned by some of the wealthiest people and most talented investors on the planet….

And as you’ll see, they all share a few key similarities that distinguish them from the 5,042 OTHER stocks that trade on major U.S. stock exchanges.

Even as the S&P keeps breaking record highs, my list of just 10 stocks is still crushing the stock market.

In fact, over the last 10 years they’ve outpaced the S&P 500 by a colossal 390%.

I like to call them Forever Stocks. Because these particular stocks are so reliable…so consistent…and so profitable, you can essentially buy them today…and hold onto these stocks forever.

And the longer you hold them, the greater the rewards. Let me tell you about a few Forever Stocks that have been rewarding investors for years.

  • It's one of the most reliable and shareholder-friendly companies in the world. If you invested $10,000 in it 20 years ago, it would now be worth a colossal $42,000. And that’s not including returns from dividends – which have since soared 384%.
  • Another top Forever Stock is simply off the charts. A $10,000 investment from 1995 would now be worth slightly over $100,000. Again, that’s not including dividends, which have nearly tripled since then. Not coincidentally, it’s also a favorite of JPMorgan, Vanguard, BlackRock and other Wall Street powerhouses.
  • Finally, there is the Forever Stock that’s also a dividend cash machine…steadily increasing its payments nearly 300% over the last 10 years. Solid as a rock, it has handed investors 4,468% returns since going public nearly 30 years ago. Unsurprisingly, it’s also a favorite of Bill Gates.

Imagine no longer having to worry about bull or bear markets…inflation or deflation…because what you have is so strong and dependable, it’ll keep growing, and growing no matter what.

Warren Buffett’s Secret

It might sound too easy or too good to be true…until you realize that this is the very same strategy that billionaire Warren Buffett has been using for decades.

This strategy has been crucial in making Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway one of the most valuable companies in the world…and one of the top-performing stocks of all time.

Warren Buffett has admitted that Forever Stocks are the secret to his investment success…and have made him the third-richest person in the world.

In fact, Buffett is happy to admit the simplicity of his investment strategy.

He recently said simply, “Our favorite holding period is forever.”

That’s because Buffett understands something very few other investors ever do: stocks aren’t something you trade, they’re businesses you own.

And the key to investing success isn’t trying to “time” the market or constantly “trade up” one investment for another.

By finding wealth creators with a handful of selective qualities (which I’ll reveal in just a minute), you can just sit back and let them do their magic.

Just like Buffett did. By investing his capital in the very best Forever Stocks, he built a personal fortune worth $72.3 billion!

And the truth is, he didn’t need to invest in very many of these Forever Stocks to build massive wealth. These two alone were able to multiply his fortune many times over:

The World’s Oldest Forever Stocks Fund: Beating the S&P 500 for 40+ Years!

Most investors have never heard of the Voya Corporate Leaders Trust Fund…

Established in 1935, the Fund bought equal amounts of 30 stocks including DuPont and General Electric.

And here’s the thing: since 1935, not one of these stocks has ever been sold from the Fund. Not one!

The only turnover in the Fund has been due to spinoffs or mergers.

But here’s the best part: Over the last 40 years, the Voya Corporate Leaders Trust Fund has beaten the S&P 500 by a whopping 44%!

It’s almost enough to make Warren Buffett jealous…

In 1973 Buffett began gobbling up shares of a troubled newspaper…

The Washington Post Co(NYSE: WPO).

His initial investment was small…just $11 million.

Yet that investment has now grown to be worth $1.1 billion.

That’s a billion-dollar fortune from just one Forever Stock!

In 1988, he started buying up shares of another classic Forever Stock: The Coca-Cola Co. (NYSE: KO).

As the soft-drink maker expanded internationally and solidified its leading position in the U.S., the stock price soared.

Berkshire’s original $1.3 billion investment has soared…and today it’s worth $16.9 billion!

That’s a 12x investment return…in just 27 years!

Of course, over the years Buffett has made many more investments in Forever Stocks.

His simple strategy has delivered amazing results…making him the best investor in the world.

Since 1965, Buffett’s Forever Stock strategy has returned 21.6% per year!

That’s more than double the returns of the S&P 500…and enough to land him the No. 3 spot on the Forbes 500 list of the richest people in the world.

Of course, Warren Buffett is far from the only wealthy investor who understands the power of Forever Stocks.

His close friend, fellow philanthropist and bridge partner Bill Gates, also understands the wealth-building secret of owning Forever Stocks. In fact, Gates is the second-largest shareholder in two of the top 10 Forever Stocks you’ll learn more about in this report.

Other well-known billionaire investors also know the power of Forever Stocks…and have built their wealth from these safe investments.

My list of 10 Forever Stocks are owned by some of the best investors in the world…including David Einhorn…Ken Fisher…Ken Griffin…Mario Gabelli…and Louis Navellier…just to name a few.

And those are just today’s billionaires. The fact is, investing in Forever Stocks is a time-honored tradition of the ultra-wealthy.

Take John D. Rockefeller as another example.

Upon his death, Rockefeller held a fortune worth $336 billion in today’s dollars.

But the conventional account of how he actually made his billions is incorrect.

Sure, revolutionizing the oil refinery business had a lot to do with it – at the beginning.

The truth is, most of Rockefeller’s vast fortune was due to owning one Forever Stock.

That company was Standard Oil. You’ve probably heard of the company…and know that it’s since been renamed Exxon Mobil.

By continuously reinvesting his earnings in this Forever Stock, he was able to grow his fortune exponentially.

Rockefeller was able to do it all without selling the company or making a major oil discovery.

In fact, his investment was so powerful that he continued building his wealth during the depression of the 1890s!

As one historian remarked, there became “a self-perpetuating quality to his wealth. Whether he was gardening, eating or just lying in bed, his prolific savings grew around the clock.”

Now, I certainly don’t want to create the impression that you need to be rich to take advantage of Forever Stocks.

You don’t even need an expensive financial advisor to get started.

All you have to do is invest your savings with the right Forever Stocks – which I’ll introduce in a moment.

Each one is publicly available and traded on a major U.S. stock exchange.

There’s nothing complicated or exotic about them. And there are no excessive fees or account minimums.

All you have to do is start putting them to work for yourself.

In fact, thousands of average Americans have already learned the secret of Forever Stocks…and have been raking in profits for decades.

Let me take a moment to tell you their stories…

Willis Cheney is a perfect example. A collectable stamp dealer from New Jersey, he made his first investment ever in the late 70s – a $5,000 stake in Exxon.

When he died in 1988, that stake had grown to more than $16,500. By the time his wife passed away in 1998, it was even larger – $52,500.

Today it is worth a whopping $126,000. That’s a 2,500% return!*

And Willis Cheney is far from the only one who has used the secret of Forever Stocks to grow his portfolio…

Take Gladys Holm. She never earned more than $15,000 a year as a secretary. But she did pay attention to what Forever Stocks her boss was buying...and bought them in her own portfolio. When she died, she was able to leave an $18 million fortune to a children’s hospital.*

Consider Jay Jensen. He was a retired teacher from Florida who never earned more than $46,000 a year. But by steadily investing in Forever Stocks over many years, he accumulated a vast fortune…and he is now giving over $4 million to the University of Miami, theaters and his favorite charities.*

There’s Gilmore and Golda Reynolds. They were just your average next-door neighbors. So when they passed away, the town of Osgood, Indiana was blown away by the $22 million they had accumulated from Forever Stocks.*

Ronald Reed was a service-station worker from Brattleboro, Vermont. When he died at age 92, his family discovered a safe deposit box he had rented. Inside were certificates for nearly $8 million of Forever Stocks.*

There’s Grace Groner from Lake Forest, Illinois. For 43 years she worked as a humble secretary. But by investing her money in just one Forever Stock, she was able to amass a fortune of $7 million by the time she died.*

Monsignor James McSweeney barely scraped by for decades as a Catholic priest. Yet by investing his earnings in Forever Stocks, he left behind a $1 million fortune.*

Genesio Morlacci was just a part-time janitor and dry-cleaner. When he passed away at age 102, people were shocked at the $2.3 million he left to Montana’s University of Great Falls. Forever Stocks were the secret to his multi-million dollar portfolio!*

Keep in mind, none of these people had top financial advice.

They didn’t have any special connections on Wall Street or in Washington, D.C.

They didn’t invest in hedge funds or private partnerships.

They weren’t chained to their computers and they didn’t sweat the daily ups and downs of stock prices, stock market gyrations or even the occasional crash.

But they did understand the power of buying rock-solid businesses…and holding onto their investments for decades.

And by doing so, they were able to create a legacy of wealth…

Allowing them to fund the college education for their grandchildren, buy a vacation home, or make a donation to their church, university or favorite community charity.

The best news is that Forever Stocks can do the same for you.

Even if you’re already retired, you can make Forever Stocks work for you.

Are you tired of constantly underperforming the market, betting on small companies that never pan out, or trading stocks?

If the answer is YES, then you need to get serious about building YOUR Forever Stock Portfolio.

That’s why I put together a special report revealing the world’s Top 10 Forever Stocks.

I’ll show you how to access this free report (and reveal the names and ticker symbols of two of my favorite Forever Stocks) in just a moment…

But first, you might be wondering why you’ve never heard of Forever Stocks before.

Well, there’s a reason for that…

Why Your Broker Will Never Recommend Forever Stocks

Now, I’m not saying your financial advisor or stockbroker is a bad guy.

It’s just that he really doesn’t work for you.

They’re in the business of buying and selling.

The more they buy and sell (on your supposed behalf) the richer they get.

That’s because the entire financial advisory business runs on fees.

  • Fees when you buy.
  • Fees when you sell.
  • Hourly fees for advice.
  • Fees as a percentage of your account value.
  • Commissions.
  • Fees and commissions.
  • Fees for specific projects, such as an initial retirement plan.

You’d be amazed how quickly it all adds up.

Look at it this way:

Imagine you spent just 10 hours per year with your financial advisor to review your investments.

Not bad, right?

But imagine your advisor also charges $200 an hour (not uncommon).

That’s $2,000 a year you’re spending just to pick his brain – and he’s not even required to have your best interests at heart!

Now imagine you did this over and over for a period of 10 years.

That’s $20,000 down the rat hole – even if you make no money whatsoever!

…And it doesn’t even begin to take into account all the other fees and commissions that you’re paying.

Now imagine you simply paid your broker a $10 commission to buy a Forever Stock…and then hold it.

Where’s the money in that for him?

There isn’t any money in that business.

This is why so many investors are on an endless merry-go-round of buying and selling.

The good news is that Forever Stocks can save you from this miserable charade.

You don’t need to blame your financial advisor…but you do need to take control of your financial future.

The best way to do that is buying Forever Stocks today.

But with more than 5,000 stocks trading on U.S. stock exchanges, how can you find the true gems?

Discover How to Find the Best Forever Stocks

Investing in Forever Stocks may sound simple. And it is…

Once you buy the right stocks, you can simply hold them forever.

But the most important decisions are made upfront.

You need to discover the right Forever Stocks to buy for your portfolio.

So how do you know one when you see it?

“We like to find good businesses and hold them.”


The truth is, there are a few key factors that really set apart the true Forever Stocks from Wall Street swill…

Factor #1: Leadership Position. A Forever Stock has a product or service that puts it at the top of its entire market. The company’s very name commands respect and admiration by consumers, analysts and investors around the world. When you buy their products, you know you’re getting the very best the market has to offer. And the stock reflects that…providing investors with superior returns year after year.

Factor #2: Earnings Growth. Investing in stocks is like owning a business. Imagine a friend asked you to invest in his restaurant…and then you discovered sales and earnings have been declining year after year. Would you consider this a worthy investment?

The same analysis and care you would apply at the micro level should also be applied at the macro level. Big or small, public or private, solid, consistent earnings growth means your investment will continue to increase in value for the long term. For this reason, consistent earnings growth is a top priority.

Factor #3: Wide Moat. Any Forever Stock worthy of the name must not only cast a big shadow…it must also have what it takes to fend off the competition. And that means its competitive advantages must be so strong, so dominant, that they form a “moat” around the business, a moat that no competitor can cross. As Buffett himself says, “In business, I look for economic castles protected by wide ‘moats.’” And so should you.

Factor #4: Safe, Steady and Growing Dividends. There’s no two ways about it: if you’re not getting paid, you’re getting used! And that’s why true Forever Stocks consistently pay shareholders growing dividends…because the chasm of wealth separating those who receive dividends from those who don’t is just too big to ignore.

For example, if you invested $10,000 in regular stocks back in 1972, it would now be worth a paltry $26,400…yet if you parked this same $10,000 in companies that regularly pay and grow their dividends, you’d now be sitting on a colossal $559,700. That’s 21 times more!

Factor #5: Stock Buybacks. This is perhaps one of the most shareholder-friendly moves a company can make – both an instant and long-term boon for investors. By repurchasing shares through a stock buyback, Forever Stocks reduce the number of shares outstanding on the market, automatically increasing the value of the ones you already own.

Additionally, buybacks have the effect of increasing earnings per share…making these stocks even more enticing to investors. This is why Forever Stocks that repurchase their own shares are crushing the market 100%.

How to Maximize Profits, Minimize Losses

When you can check the box on all five factors, you’ll know you’re looking at a potential Forever Stock.

By buying and holding Forever Stocks for the long term, you can be confident that your wealth will compound much more rapidly…plus you can avoid the losses that plague so many investors.

That’s not just me talking.

According to investment firm Oppenheimer, investors who have bought and held the S&P 500 index for period of 20 years have not suffered a single average annualized loss since 1950.

Not one.

Keep in mind, this 65-year time span includes all sorts of hair-raising events like the OPEC oil embargo…stagflation…Black Monday in 1987…the 1998 Asian financial crisis…the bursting of the tech bubble in 2000…and the financial crisis of 2008.

Yet none of this could put a dent in the armor of investors holding Forever Stocks over long periods of time.

Not Warren Buffett. Not David Einhorn. Nor Willis Cheney and the other ordinary Americans you read about earlier.

Because when you own the right businesses, it simply doesn’t matter what’s going on in the Middle East…the U.S. Congress…or which way interest rates are headed.

Now, truth be told, Forever Stocks did go down with the rest of the market during the Crash of 2008.

But what’s remarkable is how quickly and how high they bounced back:

In the last five years, they’re up 126.5% versus 72.8% for the S&P 500.

In other words, since the crash they’ve nearly DOUBLED the S&P’s returns.

Clobbering the Market for 25 Years

By owning Forever Stocks you can be confident you’ll avoid the losses so many other investors incur…

But far more important than protecting your savings…you stand to dramatically grow your wealth.

Because Forever Stocks can be crucial in your strategy to beat the market!

Over the last 25 years, the Forever Stocks you’ll learn about in your free report have crushed the S&P 500.

  • One of the most modest Forever Stocks is a health-care company – its 682% gains were enough to beat the S&P by 38%.
  • A boring financial services operation jumped 912% – even in the wake of the Great Recession.
  • Meanwhile, a laboratory company with diverse business interests is another Forever Stock performer – it jumped 3,430%.
  • Software has been a booming business, and one particular Forever Stock has reaped the rewards. It’s up 4,446% – turning average investors into millionaires.
  • Or consider that the leading consumer tech Forever Stock has surged 8,047% – more than 20 times the S&P 500!

I can’t stress it firmly enough: if you’re truly serious about beating the market safely and decisively, you can’t possibly do better than Forever Stocks.

They are absolutely critical in building massive long-term wealth.

Years and years of studying the market have confirmed this, time and time again.

Finally, after months of analyzing dozens of individual stocks, I’ve narrowed down the 10 strongest, safest Forever Stocks available.

And I’ve put them all together in a brand new special report, Forever Stocks: The Single Best Way to Sleep Easy and Generate Massive Wealth.

The report provides my complete, thorough analysis, and detailed recommendations on the top 10 Forever Stocks to buy today.

The best news is that you can claim your copy with a no-risk membership to my High Yield Wealth investment advisory service.

But before I tell you how to claim your free special report…let me tell you a few more details about these Forever Stocks.

In fact, I’m going to reveal the names and tell you about specific stocks that are included in my special research report.

Forever Stock #1:
The Best Apparel Company in the World

If you’re looking for an ultra-stable cash machine that’s stood the test of time, you’d be hard-pressed to do better than this global apparel company.

In fact, there’s a good chance you have one of this company's products in your closet right now. These include everything from footwear, casual outwear and sportswear to luggage and backpacks.

Founded in 1899, VF Corp. (NYSE: VFC) may not be a household name like Nike, Gap or Levis…

But I’d bet you know some of the 35 brands that the company owns – including Lee, Wrangler, Timberland and Eagle Creek, to name just a few.

“If you want to hold on to your money, you could do worse than developing the habit of holding on to your stocks. A long-term orientation may sound stodgy, but it is as important to investment success as picking stocks or pricing them.”


Not only is VF Corp. a giant pillar of stability, it’s also a wonderful growth stock. Since 2009 the stock has soared 349%.

Meanwhile, dividend payouts have more than doubled.

As if that’s not enough, last year VF Corp. opened 75 new stores and reported double-digit growth for all brands and geographies in which it had a direct store presence.

With its popular, iconic brands and sprawling presence, VF Corp. is a Forever Stock for the ages.

The stock is a favorite among some of the best asset managers in the world, including BlackRock, Northern Trust, Vanguard and Wells Fargo.

My advice: Buy VF Corp. (NYSE: VFC) now before it soars even higher.

Forever Stock #2:
The One Tech Stock EVERY Investor Should Own

As a Forever Stock, Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) really needs no introduction.

Yet it can’t be stressed enough what a spectacular company it is.

Even though it’s an obvious choice, Apple remains my single top stock recommendation. And it would be a mistake not to highlight it for you.

If you’re only going to buy one Forever Stock, this is the one to put in your investment portfolio.

Since the turn of the 21st century, it has been captivating consumers with one new product launch after another.

Apple is on such a relentless tear, I believe the company is just a year or two away from a $1 trillion market valuation!

In fact, hedge fund billionaire Carl Icahn thinks the company is worth at least $1.4 billion – or $216 per share!

There are so many reasons to buy Apple stock today.

Just last year, the company set a record for quarterly profits – beating every other company in history.

And it doesn’t matter whether people already have smartphones, tablets, watches, laptops, desktops or music devices.

The Apple logo itself is enough to make hundreds of millions of consumers eagerly part with the money in their wallets.

No doubt about it, this is a company that has made a lot of people very rich in recent years.

"I have no idea what the stock market's going to do tomorrow or next week or next month or next year. If you own your stocks as an investment – just like you'd own an apartment, house or a farm look at them as a business. If you're going to try to buy and sell them based on news or something your neighbor tells you, you're not going to do well. Find a good bunch of businesses and hold them."

Warren Buffet

Over just the last 10 years, the stock has soared an amazing 2,400% – enough to turn $20,000 into $480,000.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has been taking advice from a top billionaire activist investor: Carl Icahn.

Icahn has encouraged Cook to make Apple one of the most shareholder-friendly companies in the world…

Launching the world’s biggest dividend and share repurchasing program EVER!

In fact, Apple has already committed to pay its shareholders $200 billion by 2017.

In 2012, Apple began paying dividends.

A dividend is fine…even better is a growing dividend. And dividend growth is one thing that has really helped this stock.

Since 2012, the dividend has increased 38%!

The company’s stock buyback program is also reducing the number of shares…and helping boost Apple’s earnings.

Since 2012, Apple has invested $80 billion on stock buybacks.

The company’s recent announcement expands the stock buybacks to an astounding $140 billion!

Of course, I believe Apple’s true ascent is only just beginning…

With its ceaseless experimentation, endless pockets of cash and bold forays into new technologies – including the recent Watch and upcoming self-driving car – Apple has a very long and bright future ahead of it.

That’s why billionaire Carl Icahn has $6.5 billion invested in this Apple. Former Vice President Al Gore is also heavily invested in the stock. And the stock is a top investment for premier investment managers including BlackRock and JP Morgan.

I think the stock should also be a top holding in your portfolio.

Buy Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) today.

Get These Forever Stocks Now

Now those are just two of the very best Forever Stocks every serious investor should own.

I’ve put together all the details on the rest of them in a special free report,

Forever Stocks: The Single Best Way to Sleep Easy and Generate Massive Wealth .

And I want you to have it free of charge.

Click here to claim your free report.

Inside, you’ll discover eight more cash-cranking wealth machines that deserve a very big place in your portfolio.

These include:

This stock achieved record earnings growth last year…and analysts are forecasting average annual earnings growth of 11.3% over the next five years.

This titan has been delivering big gains to investors during the last decade…with its share price rising more than double the S&P. Billionaire investing legends Ken Fisher and Mario Gabelli love the stock, and are placing big bets on its future growth.

This stock is one of Warren Buffett’s favorite Forever Stocks. In fact, he has a whopping 22.5% of Berkshire’s stock portfolio invested in this single stock.

Despite operating in a competitive industry, this company has an extremely wide moat. By focusing on bread-and-butter banking better than anyone else, it has emerged as the No. 1 mortgage lender in the U.S. During the financial crisis when many banks teetered on the brink of collapse, this one stood tall and strong above the rest.

Using its strong balance sheet – and funding from Warren Buffett – this bank went on to expand during the Great Recession. It’s considered the highest-quality bank in America.

Since the depths of the last recession, this top bank has increased its dividend payment by 650%! And unlike most banks, this stock pays a decent dividend yield that’s 50% higher than the average S&P 500 stock.

A software company and growth stock and a literal cash machine. The company has its toe in nearly every aspect of technology...including smart phones, tablets, software and gaming.

Just halfway through its fiscal year, it has distributed nearly half of its $10 billion of free cash flow to investors. And because of its solid revenue growth, this Forever Stock has grown its dividend payment by 18% compounded annually – nearly 50% more than its closest competitor. That dividend growth should boost the share price for years to come!

This stock is a well-respected health-care company that profits from demographic changes in the U.S. Specifically, the aging baby boomers provide a growing customer base for the provider. That tailwind should fuel the company’s growth for decades.

The company is already one of the most aggressive when it comes to stock buybacks. Late last year it announced plans to repurchase $18 billion in stock. Additionally, the company raised its dividend payment by 27%!

That strong commitment to shareholders is just one major reason why this health-care titan has been clobbering the Dow and S&P by more than 150% over the last year. The stock hasn’t gone unnoticed: billionaire investors Louis Navellier and Ken Griffin already own the stock.

A 155-year-old pharma giant with perhaps the industry’s largest portfolio and drug pipeline. Big pharma is a huge and profitable business, and is yet another way to profit from an aging population.

The stock has been an incredible wealth creator. Since 1978, a $1,000 investment has grown to a current value of more than $3.1 million. And that’s not including dividends, which have skyrocketed an astronomical 1,523% during this time. The drug business will continue to reward investors for decades to come…and we recommend this stock as a core positon.

This Stock has been leading the way to a healthier and cleaner world for nearly 100 years with its relentless outpouring of sanitation and hygiene technologies. That may sound boring, but this overlooked business is a true gem.

Bill Gates sees tremendous value in this stock. In fact, other than Microsoft, this is his single biggest stock holding. Over the last 20 years, this Forever Stock has soared 2,180%. Meanwhile, dividend payouts have increased a whopping 1,163%!

A financial powerhouse that remains an innovator, even 165 years after its founding. The company plays a crucial role in global payments and benefits from the growth of electronic transactions around the world.

The stock is another favorite of Warren Buffett. His Berkshire Hathaway owns more than 10% of the stock. He’s not the only one who loves this stock – major institutions including BlackRock, Fidelity and Vanguard have billions invested. And the best part: there’s still plenty of room left for it to grow!

This stock is one of the most innovative companies in the world, having turned more than one industry upside down. The future is incredibly bright for this rising star, and every investor should own this stock.

This company is the youngest of our Forever Stocks, but its rock-solid fundamentals definitely qualify it as a Forever Stock…one that has handed investors nearly 1,000% returns since its IPO in 2004.

The company isn’t paying a dividend today…but we expect that to change within the next year. When that happens, we expect income investors will rush into this stock…just like they did with Apple in 2012.

The company has huge competitive advantages that set it apart from the competition. In fact, Warren Buffett’s investment partner Charlie Munger says this company has a moat that’s filled with sharks…and the company is an unstoppable force.

I encourage you to get started today, and claim your free copy of my latest research report titled Forever Stocks: The Single Best Way to Sleep Easy and Generate Massive Wealth.

Of course, you’ll get all the details on my top 10 Forever Stocks… investments that you can buy today and hold forever.

But that’s not all: Inside, I’ve included a mini-bonus report on how – just by checking a box on one simple form – you can turbo-charge the wealth-accumulating power of your Forever Stocks tremendously.

What breaks my heart is how so many investors overlook this one easy step. And as a result, their fortunes end up being much, much smaller than they could have been.

But that’s not going to be the case once you discover it.

In 2001, Ian founded Wyatt Investment Research, a publisher of investment newsletters and web sites now helping individual investors worldwide beat the market with attractively priced investments.

Ian knows that wealthy investors tend to invest differently. They don’t make ridiculous, high risk, high reward bets. They don’t feel the need to buy and sell frequently. Instead, they protect their wealth by investing in great stocks when they are cheap. When they do speculate, they do so intelligently, without letting emotion enter into the equation.

Ian has written for MarketWatch, Zacks Investment Research, Seeking Alpha and Yahoo! Finance. He has been interviewed or quoted in articles in well-known publications including AOL Finance,, Barron’s Magazine,,, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine, MSN Money, The Dick Davis Digest, The Dick Davis Income Digest, The Wall Street Transcript, and Money Show Digest.

As a dedicated entrepreneur, Ian built a successful high growth company. Business Financial Publishing was named #185 on the 2008 Inc. Magazine Inc. 500 list of the fastest growing companies in the United States, achieving a three-year revenue growth rate of 1,303%.

Ian lives just outside of Burlington in the Green Mountains of Vermont, far away from the distractions of the politics of Washington D.C. or the investment world in New York City.

Click here to receive your free report.

Before we go any further, I should probably introduce myself.

My name is Ian Wyatt.

I’ve been investing since I was five years old – when my grandfather, Willis Cheney (the man you read about earlier) gave each of his six grandchildren a few shares of one Forever Stock: ExxonMobil (NYSE: XOM).

I watched in amazement as those few shares grew and grew. By the time I was eleven, they were worth $10,000.

Since then, I’ve had a life-long passion for investing.

As a self-taught individual investor, I’ve never worked for a Wall Street firm.

Yet I knew I had to share everything I’ve learned about successful investing with those who need it most.

That’s why in 2001 I started my own investment research firm, Wyatt Investment Research.

Named to the Inc. Magazine Inc. 500 and the Deloitte Fast 500, more than 350,000 individual investors from around the world depend upon our investment research and analysis.

We’re located near the college town of Burlington, Vermont, far away from the noise and corruption of Wall Street and Washington, D.C.

We don’t meet with public relations firms or company executives. And we don’t attend industry-sponsored investment events designed to influence analysts and the media.

Instead, we focus our work on fundamental investment research.

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A Business Development Company (BDC) experiencing explosive revenue growth, now yielding 12%.*

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12 monthly issues filled with in-depth research on new dividend investment recommendations, including price targets and detailed projections on how much money you could make.
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Some investors could have collected to $5,670 in dividends with the dividend calendar.* If you're looking for monthly income that's reliable, steady and simple to collect, this calendar is exactly what you need. In it, you'll see when the payments are scheduled to come, which companies are sending out payments and how often each month you'll get paid.

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The Federal Reserve’s war on savers continues, pushing investors into ever-riskier investments. The good news is you don’t have to play the Fed’s game. That’s because we’ve found the sweet spot – a small group of safe investments now yielding between 7% and 10%. For rising income that’s truly sustainable, look no further.

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Free Report #8: The 101 Riskiest Dividend Stocks

It’s one of the easiest – and deadliest – traps to fall into. In pursuit of more income, hundreds of thousands of investors have let themselves be tricked into extremely risky investments…investments that could crater as soon as these companies are forced to slash dividends. You might even be holding a few of them right now. Don’t risk getting caught in the bloodbath.

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