Have You Heard of
Dividend Al Capones?

The Wall Street Journal calls them
“mega-dividend payers”

Find out how you could start collecting these big dividends!

Fellow Investor,

Today, I'd like to introduce you to three unique companies I call Dividend Al Capones.

Like Capone, these American businesses control vast empires that generate extreme amounts of cash.

These three companies are so profitable... so rich... that with the money they make in just one year: $27 billion in pure profits... they could easily buy other companies – big, household names including Clorox, Alcoa, or Sony.

Of course, they wouldn't buy up companies like these… unless they were a threat.

You see, Dividend Al Capones make all their money without the tiniest of disruptions from competing businesses...

Or even the U.S. Government.

These companies are deeply entrenched in our economy...

They hold monopolies that dominate entire sectors.

And they do everything in their power to protect their money flows...

Including greasing the Washington bureaucracy to make sure laws and court cases go their way.

At the end of the day, these powerful companies only answer to one group of people…

Their partners… the shareholders entitled to their fair share of the spoils… and big, generous dividends.

And they are big…

Last year alone, these three Dividend Al Capones paid out a whopping $16 billion to their investors.

But not in the form of special one-time payments…

These cash cranking companies pay consistent dividends over and over again.

In fact, they've been doing it for decades.

It shows you exactly how well the first of our three Dividend Al Capone has rewarded its shareholders over the years:

Quarter after quarter… year after year… this company's investors receive bigger and bigger payouts…

Already this year, this company's hiked its dividend up 10%.

These large cash payouts are a big reason why an investment in these companies would far greater reward you than the vast majority of stocks…

It shows the performance of all three of our Dividend Al Capones over the past 2 years compared the market's return over the same time…

Now, I think you'll agree that this is exactly the kind of company you'll want to invest in.

The kind that pays ever-increasing dividends… allowing your investment to grow for years…

Giving you much-needed income in retirement to cover the bills… or padding your children or grandchildren's college funds with new money…

These are all admirable uses for your dividends, sure, but you could also have some fun too.

I like to put mine towards a membership at my local country club.

These dividends are big enough to pay for a year's worth of greens fees!

Which brings me to an important point…

It's the reason why I feel safe recommending these companies to you today…

You see, what separates these highly profitable companies from the rest of corporate America is exactly how they make their money.

Because they aren't like Apple…

They don't have to dazzle people with new and expensive products every three months or they'll go out of business.

They have a captive customer base to be sure… and their products are in high demand…

But they have what Apple doesn't… and that's market share.

They've cornered the market.

(Apple holds just over 30% of the smartphone market and 10% of the computer market.)

There's no competition… because they won't allow it.

They'll either undercut them in the marketplace… or simply buy them out and take their revenue streams for themselves.

The chart below demonstrates how the second of the three companies I've identified as a Dividend Al Capone has completely taken over its market…

Now, this cutthroat philosophy isn't just applied to where they sell their products…

They own everything along the supply chain.

The raw materials… the factories… the stores…

They make money on everything involved in making and selling their products – controlling every aspect of their businesses and squeezing every last dime out of them.

This dedication to generating cash is why our third and final Dividend Al Capone has been able to pay shareholders big dividends for so long…

This company is so profitable… so dominant…

(last quarter it accounted for 77% of new business in its sector)

That it's paid out 487 consecutive dividends.

That's well over a century of dividends… and it's never missed one payment.

Not during the 2008 financial crisis… the deep recessions of the 1970s… or even the Great Depression…

It makes so much money… its business is so safe… that it always pays – no matter what!

Frankly, I don't know of a more reliable dividend-paying investment.

And the best part is…

This company and our other two Dividend Al Capones can continue to grow and generate exceptional returns – without requiring an excess of capital.

Let me explain…

These companies don't have to spend much (if anything at all)… on research and development… creating whole new products… or building expensive new factories.

Where a company like Facebook reinvests the bulk of its profits into growing its business and expanding…

These companies can invest just a fraction of their profits… mere blips on their balance sheets… and continue to grow exponentially – year after year.

"The ability for [Dividend Al Capones] to increase dividends
from here remains very strong..."

– Chris Sheldon, Chief Investment Officer,
Dreyfus Funds, March 5, 2013

Now, with these companies performing so well… and having a documented history of rewarding shareholders… you might think they are commonly held.

But despite the fact that these are among the safest investments in the world... and offer ever-increasing dividends... people still don't own them.

Most investors are ignoring these high dividend companies!

According to a recent The Wall Street Journal poll, self-directed investors only have 8% of their portfolio allocated to these high yield companies.

Instead, they're opting for cash – with a 0% yield… foreign stocks… or ETFs.

No one is buying the safest and most reliable income opportunity available in the market today… it's truly shocking.

Now, I can't wait to give you the names and ticker symbols of all three of companies – plus all the important details including a full in-depth analysis…

Including how much you can expect to collect in dividends in the months ahead.

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Dividend Al Capone #2:
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Dividend Al Capone #3:
Finally, on page 10, you'll get an in-depth look at the cash-cranking company that's paid out over a century of dividends.

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And that's in addition to some nice share appreciation...

All of these stocks have risen a combined 33%!*

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