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Heyit's Andy Crowder again! 

Congratulations on making the life-changing decision to join my High Yield Trader Inner Circle… 

I can’t WAIT to see how amazed you’re going to be once you get your first Stock Rental Royalty Payment.

In fact, you’ll instantly get access to your Stock Rental Command Dashboard. And you could get started within 60-minutes!

Once you’re set up, you could be receiving your first $155 payment. That’s what happened on December 18th with DH Horton... and that's just from the minimum deposit of $1,700!

In 2020 that small deposit could have paid you $467 in income and an additional $1,235 in capital appreciation -- a 100.1% total return.

From there, the sky’s the limit…. And in just a few short months you could be collecting rental royalties from some or all of my 29 additional recommended stocks every single month.

All you need are the right tools and you could be on your way to earning extra income every month.

The Second You Subscribe to My
High Yield Trader Inner Circle You'll Get Everything You Need, Including...

60-Minute Fast-Track To Your First Stock Rental ($199 Value)

In this simple-to-understand guide that should take you no more than just 60 minutes to go through… 

You’re going to get all the information you need to immediately start collecting monthly rental royalties from stocks you DON’T own. 

It covers exactly how to put down a security deposit on stocks (rather than buying). 

How to easily locate this option directly in your brokerage account.

You’ll also learn how to easily take the stocks you have rented and collect monthly rental royalties on them.

I’m talking direct, cash-in-hand income every single month.

You’ll also learn which brokerage accounts are best for this program and which ones have the absolute lowest fees so you get to keep every penny.

Not only that, you’ll learn the best way to qualify stocks for this program – what to look for and how to find the best opportunities easily and quickly without wasting a bunch of time in front of the computer.

It’s all in this complete, down-to-earth manual. No fluff, straight to the point in order to get you collecting your first check right now.

2021 5-Star Rated Rental List ($199 Value)

These are the absolute cream-of-the-crop, gold-star rated stocks to rent for 2021. 

That means, if you don’t want to worry about finding your own stocks to rent – YOU DON’T HAVE TO! 

Just follow this simple rental list – put a security deposit down on one…two…three…or heck 10 or more of these 5-star rated opportunities.

Then just collect monthly rental premium from each stock rental throughout the entire year of 2021.

It’s really just that simple.

Just put a deposit down on the stocks in this list and you could collect extra income for the next 12 months straight.

Stock Rental Field Checklist ($199 Value)

This is going to make it EXTREMELY easy for you to locate your own stock rental opportunities. 

And it’s as simple as making sure each opportunity you look at checks off the criteria on this list.

Think of it as a checklist you’d have for looking for a good property.

Safe neighborhood? Check.

Next to a good school? Check.

Property values rising? Check.

In much the same way, this proprietary Stock Rental Field Checklist makes it easy for you to simply check off each qualifier on the list.

And if a stock checks all the right boxes – then you know you have a winner that can make you a TON of great income every month.

And don’t worry, because we only concentrate on the best, safest, most trusted blue-chip stocks…

The “pond” you’re fishing in is very small – and it’s easy and fast to find great opportunities that check off all the boxes.

You’re going to gain access to over five hours of premium video education.

This is over-the-shoulder training on how to find these opportunities in your brokerage account, select the correct criteria, and execute your stock rental positions.

You’ll be able to follow along step-by-step when putting down a security deposit on a stock rental royalty opportunity…

And then potentially begin collecting monthly rental royalties for hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars a month.

You’ll have access to your very own private, password-protected stock rental command dashboard.

This private web portal can be accessed on your PC, laptop, phone, or tablet.

It contains all the stock rental information you need in one convenient location.

Inside you’ll be able to access all of the manuals, checklists, and video training I just mentioned.

You’ll also find portfolio trackers for ALL our open stock rentals.

That means you can choose to follow along with the SAME stocks I’m renting in the model portfolio.

It also means you can back-test my track record and results and use that to make your own stock rental decisions…

Not only that, you’ll have access to a comprehensive FAQ section covering virtually everything you’d ever want to know…

And if the answer you need is not in the FAQs there’s an exclusive contact form that lets you submit any questions or comments directly to me and my team.

You will also have access to a special customer support number, which allows you to ring us up any time during normal office hours if you have any question at all.

If you’re following along with any of the stocks I’m renting in my portfolio, then every time I’m ready to collect another month’s Rental royalty check I will send you a timely email notification (you can also request text notifications). 

Each notification makes it simple for you to follow right along with me.

You will also have access to a full archive of every single rental royalty alert I’ve ever sent – directly in your stock rental command dashboard.

Private Mentorship ($3,995 Value)

I am here for you and I am here to help you.

I want this to be an easy, stress-free process for you and I want to make sure you’re able to receive your first rental royalty check ASAP.

That’s why I make it easy for you to contact me if you need any help or guidance.

  • You'll get access to my regular LIVE coaching sessions where I show how to execute trades and get the most out of every trading opportunity
  • You can also ask me questions during these LIVE coaching sessions.

That way, if you need any help or guidance, or if you have any issues or questions, you know 100% that I’ve got your back and I’m here to help and mentor you.

Please note that I’m NOT a financial advisor and I cannot provide any personalized investment or trade advice.

Access All This PLUS
These Amazing FREE Bonuses...

On-Demand Dividends ($199 Value)

This straight-to-the-point guide is going to show you how to CREATE your own dividends from stocks you already own. 

Or ANY stocks you want to buy and hold in the future. 

For example, do you own 100 shares of Apple?

If so you can immediately create a dividend next month of $710 cash in your pocket.

And you can increase your annualized returns by up to 45.6%!

Do you own 100 shares of Google? You can generate $3,700 cash and boost your annualized return by 41.1%!

Netflix? $1,645 next month and up to 228% annualized boost on returns.

In fact, you can use this On Demand Dividend Strategy with nearly any stock you own INCLUDING ETFs!

For example, you can use this with SPY and create cash in your pocket next month!

And you can do that as long as you want! This allows you to boost your annualized returns on SPY by as much as 36.5%!

The Secret “Reverse Rental” Strategy For Bear Markets ($199 Value)

One of the biggest questions I get is “what about bear markets, when stocks tank?’ 

The good news is that there is actually a stock rental strategy that lets you make money in a bear market when those same stocks are going DOWN.

And I want to show you exactly what this “Reverse Rental” Strategy is.

In fact, right now – even though we haven’t officially entered a bear market – I am using this “Reverse Rental” strategy on two down-trending stocks.

This is your Recession proof strategy to keep in your pocket if the market goes South.

And I believe this is going to give you an immense peace of mind.

$1,200 to $1,200,000: The Secret To Scaling Your Rental Income Business ($199 Value)

Listen, if all you have is enough to put a $1,200 security deposit down on a single stock rental and bring in $150 a month… 

The fact is you can SCALE this.

If you can do that with ONE rental – then you can make enough to do it with two…then three…then four…

And when you have 5, 10, or 15 stock rentals in your wheelhouse.

Then who is going to stop you from scaling up the SIZE of those deposits? And thus, the SIZE of your monthly rental income on each of these stocks?

When you can scale intelligently by reinvesting and compounding your money, then there is no limit to what you can accomplish.

In this guide I reveal the best tactics, practices, and methods for steadily scaling up your own Stock Rental Income Business.

ZERO-DOWN Stock Rental Income Cycle Strategy ($199 Value)

What if you could use this stock rental strategy to make immediate income WITHOUT even putting down a security deposit? 

That’s right…there is a strategy you can use to immediately start drawing monthly income from a stock you DON’T own without putting down any kind of deposit whatsoever.

In fact, you could use this strategy with any big blue-chip stock right now to create income with ZERO money down.

Stocks like Pfizer, Diamond Offshore Drilling, Starbucks... and more! This report shows you how.

3 Years High Yield Trader Inner Circle Membership ($5,991 Value)

Everything You Need to Start Cashing Monthly Royalty Checks Today for Just $16,486 $1,495!

WARNING: I can only guarantee access to the first 50 people who take action on my High Yield Trader Inner Circle today. The reason why is pretty simple…

If I let too many people in all at once the fact of the matter is I won’t be able to provide the personal attention you deserve.

I’m just one guy.

I want to be there for you which means I can’t have thousands upon thousands of people in my Inner Circle.

Then I wouldn’t be able to actually be there for you when you need me.

That’s why…

Only The First 50 People Who Take Action Below Will Be Guaranteed a Spot in
My Inner Circle...

Now is your chance to claim your spot and get started.

And in just one hour from now, after you read my 60-Minute Fast Track To Your First Stock Rental, you could be collecting your first check.

There is nothing stopping you from bringing in more income every month like clockwork – nobody except yourself.

All you have to do is take action….

The High Yield Trader Inner Circle could be your ticket to the life you deserve.

It’s time to act.

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Just complete the short, secure form below and subscribe to my High Yield Inner Circle right now.

Or, if you’d prefer, you can also sign up by phone…just call my VIP Member Services team at 1-888-875-1960 from 9AM to 5PM EST.

Don’t let this opportunity for consistent monthly income slip through your fingers.

See you on the inside…

Andy Crowder
Chief Options Strategist
Wyatt Investment Research



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