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Out of the 239 trades placed since 2013, 238 have been winners.

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So how have we done it?

What makes my options trading strategy so much more successful than others?

It comes down to this:

Most investors approach options entirely the wrong way.

Let me explain…

Instead of seeing options as a tool to make new money on a regular basis and protect it when the market moves against them, most investors approach them like a slot machine or craps table.

Their focus is on the “one big score” just around the corner that will set them up for life. Sure, once in a very great while somebody scores big. And all the hoopla pumps up other investors who think they can do the exact same thing.

As we know, this rarely happens. More risk does not mean bigger rewards.

For example, an investor who purchases an options contract for 100 shares of a “hot” stock might think he’s getting a great bargain – which will be all the sweeter once the stock soars.

But in order for his plan to work out, the stock not only has to soar like he thinks it will, it has to do so before the option expires.

That’s a pretty big gamble, in my opinion. Small wonder why the Options Clearing Corporation says 70% to 80% of investors who buy options to make big gains actually lose money.

The question is, why on earth would anybody continue to risk their wealth like this when the odds are so stacked against them – especially when they could just as easily put themselves on the winning side of nearly every trade?

Casino owners understand this better than anyone else.

Much of the market consists of desperate players who will risk almost anything if it means a chance to make once-in-a-lifetime winnings. So all casinos have to do is let them part with their cash.

It’s the exact same thing with options.

By selling options – betting against the suckers who take on the big risks – you not only eliminate the risks that come with ownership, you get paid hundreds or even thousands of dollars, every time.

For example, two years ago I saw that Microsoft (MSFT) was "under bought" and due for a spike in its share price.

So my readers and I began selling a series of puts on it – giving us the chance to make an extra $4,270 in just two years.*

Last year, I saw the same thing happening with Apple (AAPL) and sold puts on it as well.

The result: we were able to pocket $3,360 in just eight months!*

We did even better with our puts on Facebook (FB), able to emerge $6,460 richer in only two years.*

Just by betting on the right side of the table, we’ve come out ahead with a +99% success rate.

Like I said, I don’t want to take up too much of your time.

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You see, my publisher usually charges a hefty $1,250 for a full year of High Yield Trader. And I believe he’s well-justified in doing so.

But with a service as successful as this one, I feel it’s my obligation to help make it accessible to as many investors as possible.

It wasn’t easy…but after much pleading and cajoling, I finally got my publisher to slash the price of an annual subscription to High Yield Trader by 60%.

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Andy Crowder
Chief Options Strategist

High Yield Trader

P.S. You won’t find an easier and safer way to make big money with options than with High Yield Trader. In just two years, we’ve had the chance to pocket $3360, $3,380, $3,740, $4,270, $6,460 and more. If you’re serious about trading options, this is it.

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