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Make Three Times More Money With
Every Trade…
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Five Years of Proven Results Confirm: Hot-Zone Gains of 315%... 211%... 303%... even 499% are now within reach for any investor
Dear Reader,

Imagine the most money you’ve ever made in one trade.

Now triple it.

Do that for every single gain you’ve ever made.

A $1,000 gain…

Becomes a $3,000 gain.

A $5,000 gain…

Becomes $15,000.

That is the Power of the Hot-Zone…

A professional stock market strategy, developed and perfected over the past five years by one of the keenest minds in the market…

Specifically designed to uncover the biggest, juiciest gains … and deliver them directly to investors like you.

What you’re about to see is actually quite simple to use.

Hot-Zone investing has nothing to do with trading on margin, or buying or selling options, or anything else that might increase your risk.

In fact, because the entire Hot-Zone process is so simple, it can actually reduce your downside…

While multiplying your upside… often as much as three times higher.

Here’s how.

Most investors don’t realize…

That when certain stocks begins to move higher…

The greatest gains occur within the first 3-6 months.

That’s the window I call “the Hot-Zone.”

It’s the most critical 180-day period in the market.

And if you miss this all-important time frame – as many investors do…

You’re missing out on the fattest, juiciest gains in the market.

Let me show you exactly what I’m talking about.

Here’s a chart I’ve selected to show how the Hot-Zone works.

It’s for social media giant Facebook (NASDAQ: FB).

On June 24, 2013, it was trading for $23.63.

By Aug. 9, it was up to $38.50 – a 62% gain in about six weeks.

Then on October 19, it was up to $54.22 – for a quick 129% gain in about four months.

By January 10, 2014 … just over six months later … shares had rallied up to $57.94 … for a final Hot-Zone run of 145%.

That’s pretty impressive.

But now I want to show you something really interesting.

Here’s another chart for FB … except this one shows you what happened AFTER that six month run was up.

As you can see … shares continued to run up…

In fact, from Jan. 10, 2014, to March 6, 2015 … shares continued to move – up an additional 38%.

I’m sure you can begin to see why this Hot-Zone – those first six months in a stock run-up – is so crucial.

If you’d bought FB shares at the end of the Hot-Zone run in January 2014 – as many investors did – you would’ve made 38%...

However, if you knew about Hot-Zone investing…

And you bought shares in June 2013 – before they entered the Hot-Zone and took off…

Well, let me show you how much money you would’ve made.

Say you invested $5,000 on June 14, 2013 … before shares entered the Hot-Zone.

You doubled that $5,000 once in the first six months.

You doubled it again about seven months later…

In fact, you would have made a total of 238.5% on your money…

Or enough to turn your $5,000 into $16,927…

More than three times your money.

However – if you missed out on the Hot-Zone, and that first six month run … your $5,000 only made $1,900.

That first six months ultimately determined how much money you made.

And being in the Hot-Zone made you over three times more money.

If you’re not in the Hot-Zone – you’re missing out on the lion’s share of the gains.

You must understand.

The Hot-Zone is NOT simply “timing the market.”

Timing the market is a fool’s game.

And I wouldn’t be here telling you about “timing.”

As I’ll show you in a moment – there are specific signals that can tell you exactly which stocks are about to enter the Hot-Zone…

And which stocks aren’t.

And when you know exactly what to look for – you’ll understand why Hot-Zone investing can be the fastest way to grow your wealth.

Here’s another example.

On Dec. 28, 2012, Gilead Sciences (NASDAQ: GILD) was trading for around $36 a share.

Then it entered the Hot-Zone.

By Feb 15 – a month and a half later – shares hit $41.26 … a jump of roughly 14%...

One month later, shares were up 25%...

By the end of July, shares had soared 72%.

That’s a fairly decent run.

However, it doesn’t end there.

Once GILD left that critical Hot-Zone – shares continued to climb an additional 78.9%.

And just like in our other example – if you’d gotten in before shares entered the Hot-Zone…

You made gains of 211%.

Every $5,000 invested in GILD quickly became $15,550… over three times your money.

And if you missed the Hot-Zone – and got in after shares began their run…

You only made 78%. A $5,000 investment only paid out $3,945 for your efforts. Not bad, but not even close to the 211% Hot-Zone profit.

The Hot-Zone is the most critical phase for you as an investor.

Because if you miss it – you slash your gains down to a mere fraction of what they could be.

These are just two examples of “Hot-Zone profits.” But every year, there are dozens of companies that enter the Hot-Zone … and deliver massive profits to early investors.

Let me share a few more examples…

Southwest Airlines (NYSE: LUV)

On Aug. 30, 2013 – the beginning of LUV’s Hot-Zone – shares were $12.81.

By Jan.10, shares were $21.09 – up 65%.

Roughly one year later – January 2015 – shares had reached $46.78…

Total Hot-Zone Profits: 265% - every $5,000 became $18,250 (over three times more)

Monster Beverage (NASDAQ: MNST)

July 31, 2014 – shares were $63.96.

Two weeks later, shares had hit $93.49 … a gain of 46.1%.

By the end of February of this year, shares had topped $141…

Total Hot-Zone profits so far: 120%. Every $5,000 became $11,000.

Micron Technology (NASDAQ: MU)


Nov. 16, 2012, before the Hot-Zone: $5.47.

May 31: $11.68.

Dec. 5, 2014: $36.49

Total Hot-Zone Profits: 576%. Every $5,000 became $33,750

Keurig Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (NASDAQ: GMCR)

July 20, 2012, as shares entered the Hot-Zone: $17.57.

Feb 1, 2013 – $46.92 – a gain of 167% in six months.

Nov. 14, 2014: $154.27.

Total Hot-Zone gains: 778%. Every $5,000 became $43,900.
Miss the Hot-Zone, and miss out on the lion’s share of the profits.

Now, some folks might think this is all luck – that no one knows when a stock will enter this Hot-Zone.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Making money doesn’t happen by accident.

It’s the result of planning, and research, and knowing when to make your move.

Spotting the stocks about to enter the Hot-Zone – where share prices can double, and double again – is an exacting science.

See, right before certain stocks enter the critical Hot-Zone…

They exhibit certain telltale signals…

All Hot-Zone stocks exhibit these signals…

Though the signals for each stock are specific and unique to that stock.

Yet, the effect is the same – quickly launching shares higher.

I call these telltale Hot-Zone signals “launch points.”

The more launch points a stock has – the higher and faster the stock is capable of going.

Just like igniting a rocket’s engines releases a great amount of energy – these stock launch points build tremendous upward pressure on share prices.

Sometimes – as you’ll see in a bit – just one launch point is all a stock needs to rocket shares into the Hot-Zone – and keep on moving.

I’ll show you all about these launch points in a moment.

Plus – I’ll share with you four additional stocks – each one just entering the Hot-Zone – for big profits.

I’ll give you all that in moment.

First, I’d like to introduce myself.

My name is Ian Wyatt.

I’m the publisher of Wyatt Investment Research.

Since 2001, I’ve been uncovering and sharing practical, successful investment strategies with my readers.

Through tough markets – like the 2008-2009 credit crisis crash … and the dot-com bust…

And great expansive markets, with record highs – like we’re experiencing right now…

I’ve taken great pride in bringing my readers solid insights and profitable recommendations – no matter the market conditions.

That’s why, when I took a good long look at the real possibilities of the Hot-Zone…

And I saw for myself the five years of solid gains this simple strategy produced…

I knew I had to do everything I could to get the word out.

Right now, I’d like to introduce you to the man that perfected this Hot-Zone Strategy…

First, let me show you some of his stock picks he brought to me…

To prove what his Hot-Zone is capable of producing.

These are all part of the five years of documented and proven gains achieved by following his simple, one-step Hot-Zone process.

Here’s the chart for a tech company he uncovered using the Hot-Zone process.

It’s called Ambarella (NASDAQ: AMBA).

Ambarella develops and manufactures digital processing chips.

On Sept. 4, 2013, when he first recommended AMBA, shares were trading at $13.34.

Just as it entered into the Hot-Zone.

Just two days after his “buy”… shares had jumped 24%—to $16.66.

In two days!

42 days after that – on Oct. 18, shares had reached $21.63 … a gain of 62%.

By Jan. 3, 2014 – just four months after entering the Hot-Zone – shares had reached $34.21…

A gain of 156% in just four months.

A simple $5,000 grubstake became $12,800.

Pretty good for about 120 days of “work.”

Even more impressive – look at this. 

As you can see – when shares exited the Hot-Zone, they still had a lot of room to run.

By March 13, 2014, shares had reached $68.44.

And produced a proven gain of 413%.

Your $5,000 grubstake became $25,650 in roughly six months...

ONLY if you were able to get in before shares entered the Hot-Zone.

If you got in after those first four crucial months … say, on January 3, 2014, the last day of the Hot-Zone run…

You doubled your money.

Still a nice gain…

But a LOT less than investors who got in on the Hot-Zone profits.

In fact, Hot-Zone investors made roughly four times more money

So – what made this stock take off the way it did?

And even more important – how could you have known exactly when this stock was entering the all-important Hot-Zone?

I’m going to show you right now.

But before I do, I think it’s important to introduce you to the man who’s spent the past five years perfecting the Hot-Zone investment model. I’ve had the privilege of working with him since 2009.

His name is Tyler Laundon.

And when he first came to me with the results of his Hot-Zone – including AMBA, the stock I just showed you…

I have to admit I was floored.

Here was a simple, proven strategy to multiply your gains many times over – without taking on any additional risk.

Because you’re entering into these shares at the lowest prices possible – before the Hot-Zone begins – you can get in for less money than most other investors will pay…

Effectively reducing your downside risk while multiplying your upside.

And this wasn’t just theory – Tyler had proven the power of the Hot-Zone with a track record spanning a full five years.

See, when it comes to stocks, Tyler knows what he’s doing. He’s a former venture capitalist – the guys who front hundreds of thousands – even millions – of dollars to up and coming growth companies.

And there’s only one way to become successful as a VC…

You have to be a monster analyst. You have to know what to look for, and how to dig for the information you need.

You have to inspect, analyze, uncover, and root out everything about a company before you recommend putting any money into it.

And now Tyler puts those same monster analysis skills to work uncovering Hot-Zone stocks.

To do that – Tyler zeroes in on what he calls his “launch points.”

As I mentioned earlier – launch points are specific signals that alert Tyler when a certain stock is set to go Hot-Zone.

These launch points are capable of putting an unbelievable amount of upward pressure on stock prices…

And just like it takes immense upward thrust to send a rocket hurtling into space – the more pressure you have building behind the stock – the greater the launch.

For instance – Ambarella had four launch points working to send shares higher.

These launch points included undervalued share price, and the expectation of accelerated earnings growth.

But the most intriguing point of all – and the major reason shares of AMBA took off just as Tyler said they would – was the company’s products.

See, they specialize in semi-conductors specifically designed to capture high-definition video imagery…

And this launch point led to the biggest launch point of all – the one that sent these shares soaring.

AMBA’s chips were inside one of the hottest video cameras in the market today… and as these cameras took off in popularity… so did AMBA’s share price.

But that’s not the only launch point

See, its specialized, hi-def video chips are also found in every Android phone sold…

And with Android sales estimated to hit one billion units this year… Tyler sees no reason for these shares to be slowing down.

The impressive performance of Ambarella wasn’t a fluke…

Tyler has been booking Hot-Zone profits for years…

Let me show you another example Tyler shared with me.

This may be one of the fastest Hot-Zone runs I’ve ever seen.

Tyler had discovered a small biotech stock called Endocyte (NASDAQ: ECYT) just before it entered the Hot-Zone.

See, Endocyte had developed specialty drugs for fighting cancer – using a very unique process for delivering the drugs directly into the cancer cells.

So instead of enduring long bouts of chemotherapy, which attacks every cell in the body…

Their drugs would be delivered right into the cancer itself.

It had a lot of things going for it.

In fact, Tyler identified four specific events – or “launch points” – that could make shares take off.

The drugs themselves – and their unique delivery method – were major launch points. No one had ever developed such a technology.

Yet the most important launch point was the fact that the company was seeking European approval of its developmental stage drug, vintafolide.

Tyler first recommended shares of Endocyte back in August 2013.

And when shares pulled back slightly in October, Tyler recommended loading up on more shares at this discounted price.

Unlike some of the other stocks Tyler showed me…

Shares of this stock behaved differently than a typical Hot-Zone stock.

After the initial purchase – and the pullback – shares just bounced around, not really doing much of anything.

But Tyler knew they would be breaking out soon.

Everything depended on the EU recommending the new drug.

The market didn’t think it was going to get approval.

But Tyler – the shrewd venture capitalist and analyst – knew the company inside out.

And he was convinced that Endocyte would be approved.

Well, in mid-March, The Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) – the committee at the European Medicines Agency that is responsible for preparing opinions on such things… Recommended conditional EU approval of not only vintafolide, but also ECYT’s cancer-imaging agent, etarfolatide.

And shares jumped 130% overnight.

Here’s what the chart looked like.

That’s the power of the Hot-Zone.

Of course, Tyler has plenty of additional examples of his Hot-Zone profits.

Allot Communications (NASDAQ: ALLT) first came across Tyler’s radar back in 2010.

On Aug. 3, he pinpointed the all-important launch point that was set to launch shares into the Hot-Zone.

Here’s what the Hot-Zone for these shares looked like:

Aug. 3, 2010 - $4.65.

When shares exited the Hot-Zone six months later – the stock was trading for $13.68…

For a six month gain of 194.1%.

A $5,000 investment became $14,700 in roughly 180 days.

What launched these shares so far so quickly?

See, ALLT was heavily involved in what’s known as Deep Packet Inspection.

That’s a high-tech term for describing how mobile devices like smartphones are able to access the Web, stream video and send email.

And the biggest launch point for this stock was one of the biggest and most important changes in modern history: mobile communications.

Soon after Tyler zeroed in on this stock and made his call…

Apple and Google started selling millions of new mobile devices, including iPhones and Android tablets.

And worldwide mobile traffic skyrocketed.

And the biggest names in networking ... including Oracle and


Paid millions for Allot's technology to meet the explosive demand for mobile Internet access.

The result: Allot's revenues soared and shares took off.

Here’s what happened after the Hot-Zone:

On June 29, 2012 – roughly 18 months after the Hot-Zone profits – shares reached a high of $27.86…

For a total gain – including when shares first entered the Hot-Zone – of 499%.

Enough to turn your original $5,000 ante into $29,550.

Yet, with such a powerful stock even if you got in after the Hot-Zone, you still did all right – more than doubling your money at 103%. Your $5,000 became $10,030.

Capturing Hot-Zone profits may be the most important step you ever take for your portfolio.

That’s why – when Tyler showed me what his Hot-Zone is capable of producing…

I knew I had to get this into your hands as soon as possible.

In fact, as you’ll see in a moment, you have the chance to become one of only 50 readers given access to Tyler’s next Hot-Zone stocks.

This is a very limited opportunity … one that could change the face of your portfolio forever.

Because Tyler’s agreed to share with you his latest Hot-Zone pick.

I’ve seen the research on this company – and I can tell you right now – this one’s got Hot-Zone hit written all over it.

It’s in a sector of the market that red-hot right now … one that’s making life-changing advances every day.

Its product is a simple innovation that has the potential to help millions of people suffering from a very personal, very important medical issue.

So, the market for its solution is enormous – and desperate for help.

Nothing I’ve seen, before or since, comes close to equaling the proven profit power of Tyler’s Hot-Zone.

I consider this simple process to be a breakthrough in investing science…

Because it eliminates the biggest concern individual investors face every day…

Getting into a stock too late. Or getting into the wrong stocks altogether.

Let’s face it – too many investors miss out on the truly life-changing gains possible in the market…

Simply because they buy into a stock AFTER the big moves have already happened.

Think about your own investments.

Are you completely satisfied with the gains you’ve made so far?

Have you been in on half a dozen or more stock doubles? Triples? Quadruples?

Or, as happens all too often – do you get into a hot stock after it’s already had its big rally?

It’s OK to do that – every now and then. No one’s perfect.

But the problem is, by moving into stocks way too late…

You’ll never see the big, truly life-altering gains some stocks are capable of producing. And it’s not your fault.

Though investing in Hot-Zone stocks is an easy step to take when you know about them…

Finding the great breakout stocks before they enter the Hot-Zone is not an easy job.

If you rely on The Wall Street Journal, or the shouting heads on CNBC for investment recommendations – you’ll always be late to the party.

The Wall Street Journal is a great financial newspaper – but they are a newspaper…

Meaning they report on what’s already happened. NOT what’s about to happen.

And the financial TV networks are really in the entertainment business, not the stock picking business. Sure they occasionally feature some direct discussions about hot-stocks…

But for the most part – they miss the kind of stocks Tyler focuses on…

UNTIL after they begin to make their move. When a stock has already started its Hot-Zone move, that’s when you’ll hear about it on the TV.

Tyler’s been working for five years to prove and perfect his vision for uncovering the perfect Hot-Zone profit opportunities.

In fact, he recently shared with me his most recent Hot-Zone picks…

And I was impressed.

But it’s not. Because in addition to this brand-new Hot-Zone winner he’s uncovered…

Tyler wants to share four of his most recent Hot-Zone picks.

Some of the stocks are just now entering the Hot-Zone… and are already on their way to doubling, and perhaps even tripling, in value. 

Others are just getting started – which means these shares are in prime position to enter the Hot-Zone shortly.

I mention this now because Tyler’s prepared a special “Hot-Zone Report” – detailing his top four Hot-Zone stocks to buy right now.

It’s called Hot-Zone Profits – Four Game-Changing Stocks to Triple Your Money.

Inside this fast reading report, you’ll get the details on four of Tyler’s latest picks for Hot-Zone stardom. 

While time won’t allow me to go into complete details here…

I will give you a little taste of what could be coming your way…

If you’re one of the first 50 individuals granted access to Tyler’s Hot-Zone strategy before 4:00 PM on June 19th. 

This is the ideal situation for a Game Changer stock winner – a great company, a great product, and after a recent dip, it’s trading at a bargain basement price. That’s why we’re jumping into this stock now.

Hot-Zone Stock #1 makes cameras and camera accessories. The company specializes in small, durable and powerful cameras specifically designed for capturing action activities, including skiing, surfing, scuba diving, biking, hunting and fishing.

These aren’t your regular old video cameras. These are different because of their high performance and durability, and because they enable a user to capture video footage of themselves in action by using a combination of accessory mounts (for helmets, bikes, surfboards, etc.) and remote controls (including smartphone apps).

The company was the first-mover in this market. And it’s the clear market leader in the digital camera and accessories market.

The stock itself has been rocketing – up as high a $90. Way to rich for our purposes. But now shares are less than half that… which is why I think we need to get into these shares now – while we’ve got the chance… Because I don’t think prices are ever going to be this low again. 

One of the most durable growth trends of today is healthy food.

If you're like most people these days, you're buying more organic, natural, GMO-free and dairy-free foods. From produce to dairy to plain old snacks, healthy eating and organic food has taken over.

Tyler’s favorite company in this space is a little consumer food and beverage company that was spun-out of a larger company back in May 2013.

Tyler likes this one for a very simple reason – if you walk down your supermarket aisles you’ll likely come across this company’s products in just about every cooler and freezer.

With four major launch points pushing shares upward – including a deal with the largest market in the world – China – shares are already taking off.

In fact, with a quick 25% jump in February alone – these shares are firmly in the Hot-Zone – and on the move. Yet, there’s still time to make a boatload of money in this one. You’ll want to act now, before it’s too late.
Here’s one of the most exciting plays I’ve seen in a long time.

Though relatively small for a company in this sector (just a $2.2 billion market cap), this stock is one of the most essential companies in the entire high-tech market.

It also has one of the biggest launch points of all time.

Because without this company – Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL), the world’s biggest company – would find its much-loved and highly profitable products essentially useless.

And more importantly for you – shares of this stock take off whenever Apple launches a new product. In fact, historically, these shares can rally five times higher than Apple shares … every time a new iDevice is introduced.

And with iPhone sales topping 700 million devices to date and the Apple Watch hitting shelves in April – these shares are poised to take off once again…

In fact, I just saw the charts on this stock – and Tyler’s right again – shares are in Hot-Zone status – and ready to launch higher.
This is a great story.

A $9 a share company is disrupting a $781 billion industry.

This small company has developed a patented process for producing something in such demand … that it is literally in almost everything you can think of … from cars to phones to kids’ toys to computers to paints and building supplies.

And they can manufacture this in-demand product faster and cheaper than all the competition.

And you have the makings of a classic David-and-Goliath story – as this small outfit steals business away from the big players in this $781 billion industry.

The biggest launch point for these shares – a brand new, 30-ton capacity manufacturing plant is about to open this year.

And every single ounce of those 30 tons of product are already spoken for … by conglomerates like Cargill and DuPont.

Shares are officially in the Hot-Zone – up roughly 30% since January 15 – meaning there’s still a narrow window of time to get in before these shares really take off.

Those are Tyler’s four favorite Hot-Zone stocks.

You can have all the details on all these stocks – including ticker symbols, and complete descriptions of each of the launch points pushing these shares higher… In Tyler’s special report, Hot-Zone Profits – Four Game-Changing Stocks to Triple Your Money.

I’ve seen some research firms charge as much as $2,000 for access to reports like this one…

And that’s for a write-up on just one stock.

Your Hot-Zone Profits report gives you Tyler’s complete research into four game changing stocks…

And it’s all yours, free of charge…

When you become a member of Tyler’s just launched, premium investment advisory service ... Game Changers.

Game Changers is the culmination of Tyler’s five years of developing and perfecting his Hot-Zone strategy.

It is completely and totally dedicated to consistently delivering stocks poised to rocket through the Hot-Zone … and beyond…

Stocks propelled by the massive power of Tyler’s launch points.
The entire course of human history is built upon the process of change – of one technology replacing another.

The rise of the steamship spelled the end of traditional sailing vessels, making Cornelius Vanderbilt millions…

Kerosene lamps sank the entire whale oil industry – giving John D. Rockefeller a quick start to his first billion…

Digital photography shuttered traditional film – wiping out companies like Kodak and Polaroid…

DVDs killed off VHS tapes … giving Netflix the opportunity to drive its rivals into the ground.

There is nothing more powerful than a game-changing technology.

Look at just one – the biggest game-changer of them all: the Internet.

Begun at DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) this one breakthrough alone has been responsible for more profound changes than anything else I can think of. It’s made millionaires out of countless entrepreneurs and tech geeks – and made many more billions for investors the world over…

Now, it’s easy to look back and see exactly when the world changed from one technology to another.

Making money from these Game Changers is not so easy.

You have to see what’s coming over the horizon – and how it’s going to change the way the world works.

And as a member of Tyler’s Game Changers … you’ll receive Tyler’s input and recommendations for the stocks – and the technologies – that are changing the world today.

Like Allot Communications (NASDAQ: ALLT) – its Deep Packet Inspection technology launched it into the Hot-Zone – and out the other side – with gains of 499%...

The same is true of Ambarella (NASDAQ: AMBA). Its digital processing chips for high-def video made the explosive growth of GoPro and its cameras possible … and delivered investors total gains of 413%.

And Endocyte (NASDAQ: ECYT) – with its game-changing cancer treatment – shot up 130% overnight.

And even the simplest businesses can rocket because of the smallest changes.

Like Susser Holdings (NYSE: SUSS)… This chain of gas stations/convenience stores quickly rocketed across the South –delivering a 220% gain after Tyler saw it moving into the Hot-Zone.

And Taipan Resources (CDNX: TPN.V) – an energy company with game-changing properties in the lucrative Kenyan oil fields. Shares doubled roughly seven months after Tyler called its entrance into the Hot-Zone…

Or Diamondback Energy (NASDAQ: FANG) – an oil and gas company drilling in the rich Permian Basin in Texas – one of the biggest game changing oil fields in decades. These shares delivered a quick 109% – again, about seven months after Tyler recommended shares.

Game Changers will give you early access to stocks about to hit the Hot-Zone…

Each with specific launch points to send them rocketing.

And as I showed you – Hot-Zone stocks can keep going higher, on the sheer power of the launch points.

And the easiest way to get started is with Tyler’s special report – Hot-Zone Profits – Four Game-Changing Stocks to Triple Your Money…

Keep one thing in mind…

Just because the stocks Tyler identifies have a history of moving quickly…

Don’t mistake Game Changers for a trading service.

If you’re looking for a hit-and-run trading service – jumping in and out of stocks in a day, a week, or a month…

Then this is not the service for you.

Though the Game Changers is built on the power of the Hot Zone… those crucial first 3-6 months of a stock’s run…

It’s not designed as a trading service.

When a stock continues to move higher after the Hot-Zone – Tyler intends to hold onto those shares and ride them for all they’re worth

By strategically cutting the laggards and letting your winners run…

You’ll be on board for every single penny of profit that occurs after a stock exits the Hot-Zone … and keeps rolling higher.

Because that’s how you make the big money.

And every weekly issue of Game Changers will bring you at least onesometimes two – of these Hot-Zone stocks.

You'll receive Tyler’s complete rationale behind every stock he recommends in Game Changers ...

Including every launch point capable of sending shares soaring.

Become a member of Tyler’s Game Changers now…
Tyler’s complete write-up on four unique stocks entering the Hot-Zone – that crucial 6 six month window where the biggest profits are made…
The first regular issue of Game Changers that reveals all the details of another brand new stock about to enter the Hot-Zone.
52 weekly issues of the Game Changers containing all of Tyler’s latest research, chart analysis and updates on portfolio holdings. Every issue explains the full rationale behind his every move ... and includes discussions on stock price movements, stop losses and upcoming events – so you'll have everything you need to make sound investment decisions.
Clear and concise investment ideas – driven by the power of Tyler’s launch points system. Tyler’s spent five years proving and perfecting his Hot-Zone strategy … and he’s also proven that his launch points are the catalysts for all of these profits … helping to boost returns while lowering risk.
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