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Join Andy in Chicago On October 17th For His First Ever
Market Masters Training Summit

  • Proven Options Strategies That Can Replace Your Income And Boost Your Portfolio By Up To 75% (or more) Per Year!
  • Learn Directly From A 20 + Year Trading Veteran
  • LIVE Trading Sessions During Market Hours
  • Over the shoulder access to the tools and strategies pro traders like Andy use to pull income out of the market like clockwork
  • How To Pick The Right Strategies, Manage Risk, Balance Your Portfolio, And Never Worry About Money Again
  • …more (Watch The Video and Read The Letter Below)

Dear Subscriber,

Hey It’s Andy Crowder, and I’d like to say first of all that I’m very sorry…

I feel like I haven’t been listening to you.

Really listening…

And because of that I wasn’t giving you the best that I have to offer.

There really is no excuse for it.

The fact is I never sat down and really asked what you wanted – how I could truly help you become the successful, wealthy options trader I know you can be.

Recently, I sat down and sent out this short email and the feedback blew my mind…

“Hey I’m thinking about doing a live options masterclass. Would you be interested in joining me?

Just reply to this email”

I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting much.

Yet, within just a few hours I had received over 300 replies.

Of course, this got me extremely excited.

So I sat down with my team here at Wyatt Investment Research headquarters in Vermont and I said…

“Let’s Reply To Every Single One Of These Emails And Ask Them What They Need The Most Help With.”

Image 1
(That’s me on the left with some team members from Wyatt Investment Research Getting Ready To Answer Your Emails)

It was a huge undertaking as you might imagine.

Because I was determined to go through each and every client email reply in detail to understand how I could best help them achieve their goals…

It took hours and hours, and late nights to complete the task.

But when it was all said and done I feel like I had connected with my clients in a way that I never had before.

For example…

Josh Favalora wrote…

I would literally quit my job to trade options for half the day. I definitely see that there is a lot of profit to be made using these strategies. It just seems that there are a lot of mechanics that go into it, and it bothers me that I can’t just wake up in the morning and understand it all.

Then he went on to explain some specific technical stuff he needs help with (maybe you need help with the same)…>

“I still don’t really understand how theta and gamma and all that tie together or how important it is when choosing LEAPS contracts. I also want to learn about quantity of contracts on trades. The math that happens behind the scenes is what seems to confuse me at times. I want to understand options in as much detail and to the extent that you do.”

Peter Stoyas wrote…

“I’m still uncomfortable with knowing when to get out of a position and recognizing when to actually make the trade. I also want to learn more about the Earnings Season trades.”

Then there was Lynn Ostrem who wrote something that just hit me RIGHT in the gut…

“There is more to your strategy, and more to your picks, than you are sharing with your advisory clients. I’d love to know what they are – if there are any – because I felt a little cheated by the lack of depth in your muses. Make a masterclass about THAT.”

Oof – way to tell it like it is Lynn.

But thank you.

Thank you for being honest with me because this is exactly what I needed to hear.

And you know what Lynn? I WILL make a Masterclass about that.

Because here’s the thing – taking my trades is great.

A lot of my clients are very satisfied with them and they’re making a lot of money.

But it seems a large number of you want MORE.

It seems many of you are simply not satisfied with being ‘fed’ the trades, but that you want to learn the nitty-gritty details.

And it makes sense.

Because I can only “feed” you so many trades, but if you can seek out and find good opportunities on your own, then you have countless more opportunities to profit and grow your account more rapidly.

You’re not just waiting around for an alert from me.

And you can only do that if you know what I know and can use it under your own discretion.

And listen, I don’t want you to be “dependent” on me for trades. I WANT you to be self-sufficient, that’s always been my goal.

So, if you really want to…

  • Receive a regular, high monthly income during retirement so you never have to worry about “dipping into your savings” or not being able to meet any emergencies, and you never want to worry about how much you’re spending on that vacation…
  • Quit your job and replace your income with Options trading so you can spend more time doing the things you REALLY want to do…
  • Make anywhere from 35% to 75% per year like clockwork, growing your accounts faster than in an index fund while performing in any market environment

Well then the fact is, you need to learn how to…

Fish For Yourself And Become A Market Master

In fact, this desire from my clients to “fish for themselves” showed up in many of the emails I received.

Tim wrote…

“Bottom line, I want to be a sponge and learn as much as possible. Feed a man a fish, he lives for a day. Teach a man to fish…”

Darwin Moore wrote…

“I joined [your] service to learn to fish for myself.”

Robert Tigelaar wrote…

“[You] are sound and conservative and I wanted to learn how to fish and not to ‘simply’ pull in the fish that you had actually caught.”

Well, I want you all to know I am listening to you.

And I think it’s time we go fishing and that I show you exactly what to do…

From the best spots, to the rod n’ reel, to what’s in my tacklebox, to the motor I’m using to drive the boat…to well EVERYTHING.

So here’s what I did…

I Developed A Training Event More Comprehensive Than Anything I’ve Ever Done Before

And 100% of how this training is structured is based client feedback.

In other words, I relied on folks just like YOU to put this whole thing together.

And because of that, it has turned into the most in-depth, highest level training I have ever developed in my 8-year trade-coaching career.

Honestly, I wish somebody had shared this information with me in the same way. It’s THAT powerful and THAT comprehensive.

If you’re seeing this special invitation today it’s because you…

  • Already have an idea of who I am (and are subscriber to Wyatt Investment Research)
  • You have received emails from me before and have an idea of what I do
  • You’re familiar with my services

So rather than hype MYSELF up – I instead want to get straight to the point and show you what concepts you’ll be learning during this groundbreaking event.

Here’s Just A Few Of High-Level Concepts I Want To Teach You During This Event

I decided to call this event the “Market Master’s Training Summit” because I have a very specific concept of what a “market master” actually is.

You see, what I want to help you achieve is a level of mastery that puts you on the same level as a full-time pro-trader…

And what separates an amateur from a pro is that one is a “hobbyist” the other makes it a career.

That’s my goal for you – to have the tools, knowledge, and in-depth understanding to actually make options your source of income…

You’re going to learn the behind-the-scenes advanced concepts I use every day – concepts that, quite frankly, I haven’t gone into too much detail about before.


The simple answer is I didn’t think people would be interested (now I know I was wrong).

You’re going to learn how to be self-sufficient or at least get yourself on the road to self-sufficiency.

You’re going to learn how to spot strong qualified trading opportunities in literally any market condition and know instantly what kind of strategy to use in order to capitalize on that opportunity.

To me, a market master is somebody who keeps a cool head in any market condition…

…is confident enough to spot good opportunities, manage their positions, employ proper risk management, and use probabilities and quantitative analytical models to guide their decisions.

This is the level I want to get you on the road towards through a level of training I’ve simply never offered before.

Here are just a few of the pro-level topics you’re going to learn during  this extensive training…

Trade Management

It’s not about being ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ in the market – it’s about being profitable.

And that all comes down to proper trade management.

Many of you said you were struggling with this aspect of trading, and I want to show you EXACTLY how the “Market Masters” manage trades…

  • How to adjust losing trades, so that _you’re never stuck taking a full loss (and how you can even turn a loser into a winner through a few simple adjustments)
  • What to do during unexpected volatile price action, so that you can both protect the positions you’re in (and also take advantage of the increased volatility)
  • When should you close out a trade? When do you take profit? How long do you hold onto a loser? Knowing what to look for is going to save you a lot of grief, fortunately there are some tell-tale “checklists” you can look over to know when you should be taking your profit, letting it ride, or how long you should wait-out a losing trade.
  • What is the right way to adjust the legs of a trade you’re currently in (and when are the right circumstances to do it?)
  • “What if I get assigned?” – let me show you what to do.
  • How to get better, faster fills (WITHOUT chasing the market!)
  • …much, much more

Advanced Portfolio Management

  • How to use “Beta Weighting” as your go-to portfolio management method. Market Masters use this method as a way to put their entire portfolio into one standard unit, allowing a bird’s eye view of the size, diversity, and general risk of all your positions.
  • What portfolio management strategies work with your account size? Let’s run through some scenarios together! We’ll explore various account sizes and how to manage your portfolio for each.

Balancing Options Strategies According To Goals And Account Size

  • Poor man’s covered calls, iron condors, earning’s season trades, and bear calls OH MY! It’s a little overwhelming isn’t it? There are so many diverse things you can do with Options selling, how do you know what to do and when? How do you balance all these different strategies and services? Well – that’s what we’re going to go over.
  • What strategy to use and when? Many people have asked me “Why did you choose an iron condor here, and a bear call there?” or “Why did you choose a 60 day expiration here, and a 90 day expiration there?” What am I looking at and how am I making these decisions? I want to show you in-depth so you can make these decisions YOURSELF.

Position Sizing

  • How many contracts should you be entering? How many is “too many” so that it effects your fill? Should you be taking larger position sizes than you are? Let’s look at various account sizes and see what the best practices are.
  • How much should you REALLY be risking per trade? The answer may surprise you…
  • If your position is winning…when is it okay to add onto it? Or, when is it okay to take profit? Does this sound familiar? You’re in a winning position and suddenly you get a little “itchy” – you want to LOCK IN those gains! Suddenly, you just can’t stand it anymore – you take your profit off the table. For a moment there’s a sigh of relief…but then the position keeps going in your favor. You think, “Jeez…if I hadn’t taken profit so early I’d have WAY more!” It’s tough, right? Let me help you gauge when the right time to take profit is and how to always feel secure in your positions (and how to avoid being the trader who stays twice as long in their losers than their winners).
  • Should you take off half your trade and let the other half run? When is a good time to do this? Why or why not?
  • …I’ll answer these questions (and more)

How To Take Your Own “Earnings Season” Trades (And How To Find Similar Opportunities In The “Off Season”)

  • This is by far one of my most popular Options strategies…And people want to know how they can take MORE of these trades.
  • Learn to become a “volatility hunter” and find opportunities ripe for a profitable “V-Crush” without relying on my alerts alone
  • I’ll show you a brand-new method that I have NOT revealed before, that can allow you to take these same over-night “V-Crush” trades ANY time per year! (NOTE: This is for your eyes only – I will not be starting a service on this and I will not be revealing this to anybody else).

Finding Your Own Opportunities And Thinking For Yourself

  • My proprietary methods for identifying strong optionable stocks and deciding what type of spread to sell with them.
  • How to sell options on Futures and what are the best, most liquid futures to sell options on? This will help expand your opportunities in the market and also see you collecting MUCH bigger premium (By the way, this is something I have NEVER revealed before).
  • How to build a categorized watchlist and organize it effectively

Tools Of The Trade: How To Use Them Intelligently (And How To Avoid Abusing Them)

  • POP, RSI, Greeks… how do we use these tools without relying on them as “gospel.”
  • How to use different indicators to cross-check and confirm your trades
  • How much should you rely on the “Probability of Profit” model? And what other indicators can you use to “cross check” the POP?
  • What are the best brokers to use for options selling (NOTE: I recommend a combination)
  • How to set up your “trading station”
  • What kind of daily checklist should you have when you sit down to look at the market each morning?
  • … much, much more. As they say, you need to use the right tool for the job and I’m going to show you what to use, what NOT to use, how to use them, and how to take the information they give you with “a grain of salt.”

Psychology And Emotional Mastery

  • Don’t worry, even “Market Masters” of the absolute highest caliber experience heightened emotional states when trading.
  • But there are little-known tactics top traders use to ensure they don’t let emotions get in the way and cause them to make mistakes…
  • Learn how to make air-tight trading rules for yourself…
  • Catch yourself when you’re in danger of breaking your rules and “re-center” your focus
  • Learn the exact methods pro-traders use to keep themselves on track and mistake-free

I wish I could go into detail about everything you’re going to learn during the Market Master’s Training Summit but if I did, you’d be reading a novel!

Suffice it to say, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

In all of my live strategy sessions for any one of the services I offer, I have never gone into such great and intimate detail…

I am pulling out all the stops for this event and I am revealing concepts, strategies, techniques, and tools that are typically kept in any professional trader’s secret “bag of tricks.”

During this event you’re going to receive 100% transparency – nothing is going to be kept from you.

Anything you want to know, you can ask and I will tell.

My strategies, my techniques, my proven tools and process are all laid out in the open for you to see and use for yourself.

And with this knowledge you could see yourself pulling in an income that rivals any skilled salary job…except you’ll be spending less than two hours a week day “working.”

If you’ve made it this far then you may be wondering how this whole live event is going to work…

Here’s What’s Included In The Market
Master’s Total Package

Earlier I went over just a few of the topics we’ll be covering, I also mentioned this will be (hands-down) the most comprehensive training I have ever provided in my life.

As you can imagine that means there’s a lot to go over.

To figure out how I could possibly structure this event to ensure we could not only fit all of this training in…

…but also provide ample time for every attendee to ask questions, get one-on-one attention, and connect with other participants…

I sat down with the whole team here at Wyatt Investment Research  and we got to work on a format.

And here’s what we’ve decided to do for you:

SIX Live Online Masterclasses Leading Up To The In-Person Event

Now many of you reading this now have attended my live “strategy sessions” before…but these live masterclasses cannot even compare.

Over a three week period starting on September 9th I am going to conduct two live master classes each week for three weeks leading up to the in-person event, where we will be going over the topics I outlined earlier.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to ask questions live.

These aren’t going to be “one hour” live recaps. I expect these Masterclasses to last as long as they need to until everybody is satisfied that they understand the content we went over.

Not only that, I will be recording these for your eyes only so that you can look back over them at any time and they will be yours to access for life.

But really, these are just the appetizers leading up to the MAIN COURSE…

LIVE Market Master’s Summit

Join me LIVE in the “Windy City” for my first ever LIVE Market Master’s Training Summit…

Here’s just a few things we’re going to go over in-person during this exclusive summit…

  • I will reveal several brand-new, never-before discussed options strategies that nobody else will EVER hear about… this right here is worth coming to Chicago. I’m going to reveal a never-before released strategy that I’ve been privately working on for months. (HINT: it’s how to take “earnings season” styled over night trades…during the ENTIRE year!). I will also be revealing my “Jade Lizard” technique and a special strategy for Calendar and Diagonal spreads along with my super-secret technique for risk-free Iron Condors.
  • Advanced risk management strategies: Would you like to enter every trade with 100% supreme confidence? Never stress yourself out about potential losses? Always feel comfortable with every trade no matter WHAT the market throws at you? If that sounds like a little slice of heaven, then it’s all about learning the proper risk management.
  • LIVE Trading hotseats! Let’s trade the markets! We will be live-trading my new and tried-and-true core strategies together during market hours, and we’ll also do several ten minute “hotseats” together.
  • Elite-Level Trade Management Secrets: Too many people just let their trades sit there – hoping they make money and “eating a loss’ if they don’t. But there are actually very flexible trade management methods you can use to defend positions against freak market volatility, manage winners, get better order entries, and more. I’ll be showing you how to do all of this as well as providing you trade management checklists.
  • Institutional Fund-Level Portfolio Management Techniques: you want to trade like the big boys, then you have to THINK and MANAGE like the big boys. That’s why I’m going to show you advanced portfolio management strategies like Beta Weighting, correlation, gamma, option delta and theta, and more.
  • Multi-Strategy Cohesion Tactics: I offer a lot of strategies throughout my various services, from long-term “poor man’s covered calls” and selling puts, to shorter term credit spreads, to over-night V-crush trades. We’re going to look into how to combine all of these strategies into a cohesive multi-year outlook that will see you banking gains on every time-frame during any market.
  • Lots of fun, food, drinks, and entertainment: All work and no play makes for a dull day – that’s why we are going to have drinks together, eat together, and hang out together outside of the conference room.

BONUS: A Full FIVE YEARS Of Andy’s Options Alliance Membership Is Included In Your Ticket Price – A $8,975 Value YOURS FREE

You’re getting setup for success, my friend.

Not only are you going to get access to the most comprehensive training event I’ve ever put on, I’m also going to include a full five years of my Option’s Alliance membership.

This includes every options trading service I have to offer, including…

  • Earnings Season Trader: If you love instant gratification and fast over-night gains, you’re going to love my Earnings Season Trader. This is the “nearest term” trading service I provide. Each earnings season I send my unique “Overnight V-Crush Trades” on stocks that are about to announce earnings. And like clockwork, often in just one 24 hour period, we walk away with 10%....20%....30%.... up to 60% gains with the snap of a finger….
  • Options Advantage: With options advantage we go a little longer on our trades – anywhere from a week to a month. We take anywhere from 3 to 7 trades a month, providing you with ample opportunity to take home 10% to 30% gains like clockwork, rapidly growing your savings while pulling income out of the market.
  • High Yield Trader: Maximize yields on the best and safest stocks in the world using consistent, low-risk options trades. While Earnings Season and Options Advantage has you pulling income out of the markets on a daily and weekly time frame, High Yield Trader will be that YEARLY growth cycle, that has you compounding your account hand over fist.
  • 420 Profit Multiplier: This unique options strategy allows you to expose yourself to the burgeoning marijuana sector WITHOUT getting directly involved in highly volatile marijuana stocks. To date, our portfolio has beat the Cannabis Index by 58.3%.

Five years of Andy’s Options Alliance would typically cost you $8,975 yet today, I’m including it for FREE when you become one of only 100 determined traders to take action today and grab a ticket for The LIVE Market Master’s Training Summit.

Where We’re Staying…

We’ll be staying at a 4-Diamond Hotel called The Monaco.

Situated right in the center of Chicago’s breathtaking skyline and only a few steps away from the famed Chicago River , this stunningly luxurious hotel is the perfect pic for our event…

Listed as “2019 best hotels in Chicago” by US News & World Report and “Four Diamond Hotel, 2019” by AAA not only will you be able to stay comfortably as you learn and connect with me and your fellow traders…

You’ll also have plenty of opportunity to go out and have easy access to the city itself.

Image 2
Image 3
Image 4
Image 5

You see, up until now all my communication with my clients has been purely online.  

This has its advantages, obviously.

For example, you can do it from the comfort of your own home in your PJs, learning at your leisure.

And trust me, I love doing it that way too.

In fact, I consider myself pretty “introverted” I’m not an in-your-face, on-the-stage guy.

But I realize the value and importance of in-person communication and training because there are just some things you CAN’T do online.

During this live event, we are going to have open communication and over-the-shoulder training throughout the entire process.

This isn’t me, standing up on a stage, “preaching” trading to you with a pointer and a projector.

This is you, me, and a small group of others having a conversation, sharing knowledge, learning strategies together, and answering questions in real-time.

We’re going to eat breakfast together, lunch together, and who knows? I’m sure we can have a few drinks together.

This is a total immersion event.

You will have DIRECT, IN-PERSON access to me and my goal is to take everything I know over my decades of profitable trading experience…

And give you full access to it, no holds barred.

I’m cracking open my head for you here and letting you poke around at your leisure (not literally of course!

Accept This Special Invitation and
Join Me In Chicago On October 17th-18th

I am giving you the absolute best I have to offer.

I know that many elite-level subscribers are finding success with my services and my teachings.

Like Bruce Fisher who is making over 25% a year on his portfolio and recently sent in this testimonial video…

Then there’s Robert Tigelaar who was up 600% using my trades and sent in his own video recently…

And Darwin Moore recently sent in a cell phone video while he was on vacation in Alaska – he’s able to take my trades in just a few minutes while on vacation, considers himself conservative, and doesn’t like to sit in front of the computer very long…

Yet even so, he’s making around 35% per year…

These Are Just A Few Of My Clients Who Are Pulling Income Out Of The Markets Every Day And Living The Lives Of Their Dreams

There is absolutely no reason in the world why you shouldn’t be able to do the same…

It doesn’t matter what your reasons are…

  • If you want to pull a full-time income out of the markets so you don’t have to grind at a “9 to 5” anymore…
  • If you want to make supplementary income without sitting in front of the computer for hours on end “day trading”
  • If you want to dramatically kick your retirement savings rate into high gear (Imagine putting an extra $30,000…$50,0000…$75,000 or more into your retirement investment accounts every year!)
  • If you want more income in retirement so you don’t have to worry about “dipping into your savings” It’s no fun to scrimp and save in retirement – this is when you’re supposed to cut loose! Add an extra $2,000…$3,000….$5,000 a month or more on top of those social security payments, leave your savings to compound!

The secret to pulling regular income out of the markets every week safely and predictably come down to UNDERSTANDING what you’re doing and being CONFIDENT in your abilities.

And there’s only one way to get to that point of Market Mastery – you’ve got to learn from somebody that has a proven track record, you need a trading community to join so your questions are never left unanswered and you’re always held accountable, and you need to PRACTICE with guidance…

This is what I’m promising to do for you during my Market Master’s Training Summit…

But you MUST take action now because seats are limited (and prices are increasing every few days).

Then you need to act right now…

This Invitation-Only First-of-its-Kind Event Is CAPPED At 100 Attendees
No Exceptions.

This invitation is going out to tens of thousands of people across Wyatt Investment Research’s subscriber list.

Yet there are only 100 seats available for this event – no exceptions.

If just 0.5% of the valued subscribers we are emailing today take action…most of them STILL won’t be able to get a seat.

I can’t make a prediction for you how long tickets are going to be available.

That’s something I just don’t know. However, I don’t think it’s going to be very long before they fill up.

Being aggressive and making a decision RIGHT NOW is your best bet – mulling it over isn’t going to improve your chances of securing a seat.

The price will increase again to $3,797 on September 10th.

And if you wait until the last minute (assuming seats are still open) the last-minute price is $3,997.

The fact is that both time and space are against you.

Time because with each passing day we get closer to this event – the price increases.

Space, because only 100 people are allowed in.

If you have any questions email me at:

Or if you would like to call to book your ticket (or have questions) you can reach us during normal business hours here: 888-875-1960

However – again – I suggest you book online NOW, especially if you’re seeing this over the weekend, rather than waiting to call our customer support team.

Thank you helping me create this event – I hope to see you there.

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